Re: Why I don't DO Social Media (well not too much anyway)

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Re: Why I don't DO Social Media (well not too much anyway)
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    Looks like google doesn't index tweets in twitter. So posting backlinks in twiter nas no point.
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      Originally Posted by RonLeroy View Post

      Looks like google doesn't index tweets in twitter. So posting backlinks in twiter nas no point.
      It only has no point if you have no followers.

      It's worth remembering that links are primarily for people to click on, not for google to count.
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        I can deifintely see the value social media as far as building and maintaining relationships. It is where everyone's eyes are. However, I think it's real value is in being able to spread an important message and get exposure where you otherwise might not.

        Having said that, I think less and less people actually take the time to read email anymore. I saw a statistic not long ago that only about 18% of teenagers use email these days, so it stands to reason that it will eventually be much less effective.

        I think they both have their uses, but I personally get irritated at blatant sales plugs on my newsfeed.

        My career is in the health field and I spent a year researching Type 2 Diabetes in order to find a natural cure.

        My 101 page eBook is available for affiliates at JVZoo. Affilates make 75% commission.

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    I can understand your argument.

    Either you interact with people or you don't. If you have a great email list and can put together successful campaigns that way...more power to you. If you know how to place ads so that people respond to, you will also win at IM.

    But for myself, and for most IM people, we are seeking the best way to brand ourselves. It gets frustrating... sometimes it seems like the internet is filled with spammers.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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      Twitter is a huge mistake, as a time investment, for a lot of businesses. That being said, there are a lot of people who use it effectively (head hunters, media websites, etc.) to increase business, scout for prospects, etc.

      For my own needs, I use Twitter more as an information gathering tool for various projects, if the topic is currently trendy. So, while I am not using it professionally for social engagement, it certainly is a useful tool in my opinion.
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      All your points are valid, the ones contra social networking, and the ones pro email marketing.

      It is possible, though, to build a targeted audience on social sites, too. The mistake is to go for the big numbers. The right way to do it is to be laser targeted.

      Besides, there are plenty more reasons to be on social sites than selling. One of them being branding, like David mentioned.

      Your post still makes a lot of sense, as most marketers on Facebook, Twitter etc. don't have a real plan, and they're probably not getting much back for the time invested.
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        I also agree with OP.
        Social marketing is suitable for big brands.....or may be to entertainment industry...not to small businesses...

        my 2 cents

        I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    I completely disagree with your points, I have a client that we set up with social media and started promoting him using it and since then we have close around $20,000 worth of deals since mid March. He is a sports artist who is having a lot of success now thanks to social media and subsequently I am having a lot of success.
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      You can always let other people concentrate on promoting you through social media, and concentrate on list building.
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    I think it all depends on the social network and the type of followers you have. As a conservative commentator on Twitter I'll occasionally post Amazon links to conservative books that I recommend. I'll usually get a couple buyers.

    However, if you want to make some big bucks Pinterest is the place to be right now. The conversion rate on some pins is insane!
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      What the hell do I know. Almost 3 decades surfing da net and 0 years trying to make money on the net.

      I have seen and still see waves. Social networking being one of them. Consider these:

      How Does Facebook Make Money? - SplatF

      Twitter: How does Twitter make money? - Quora

      Facebook, twitter, pintrest and google are all in the same business.

      Selling advertising. But NOT to the users they attract. Same as a televisoin network or radio station. If they can generate traffic, free to the actual user, they can sell advertising.

      None of those four operate under the premise of free advertising for IMers. Google has been fighting IMers for years. Pintrest is doing the same, and it is but a matter of time before Facebook and twitter clamp down - hard.

      The vast, vast majority of internet users do not like spam. If they get inundated with it, they will not patronize the site they are getting it at and then that site can no longer demand the advert rates they do. IMers are a threat to their bottom line.

      A lot of this IM stuff works this way:

      One person finds a door with gold on the other side.

      Ten people watch that one go through and follow.

      One hundred watch the ten and follow.

      One thousand watch the one hundred. But the one thousand are all trying to get in at the same time and 99.9% of them will never achieve the same success as the original 111. They can't get through the door as it is jam packed.

      Whoever owns the door comes along and slams it shut.

      Then, one person finds a door with gold on the other side ...

      Wash, rinse, repeat ...
      One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothing can beat teamwork.

      - Seldom Seen Smith
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    I think social media marketing has its uses but it's certainly not ideal for direct promotions. You can make money by advertising products but only in certain areas - areas that need exposure.

    In my opinion, social media sites are best for brand building which obviously will eventually generate sales but it's not a straight off money maker like some methods i.e. email marketing and list building.

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    I agree with OP, though it doesn't mean that marketing on social media should be completely dismissed if one is inclined to give it a shot -- some people have successfully utilised FB, Twitter, etc. to promote a service/product.
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    I don't think social media is for all businesses. People only like and share things that they think are fun or funny. I think the best way to get customers is showing up in the SERPS
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    I see your point but it is just like your skill set that you have built up with your ezine marketing. If you give people a mix of entertainment, value and then make statements to let people know to inbox you if they are interested in "Your Hook," social media can bring leads.
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    What's really interesting is that you came here to ask a question, start a discussion, and get responses.

    Why didn't you use email to do that?

    This forum, in a round about sort of way, is kind of like Facebook or other social sites because it gets people connected in a way that just can't happen through email. Which is why, in my opinion, you ask the question here.

    Of course you could ask the question through email and send people to a survey page but then we wouldn't benefit from seeing other people's responses.

    I'm not making a dig at you - I just thought it was kind of an irony that you use a social media type platform to say that social media type platforms don't work.

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    What does the average person do everyday online.

    Check their emal
    Check facebook/twitter
    Surf the web

    And I believe thats IMO the order its done. So email is defiantly an effective and probably the best way to market. I think just some of the reasons for social marketing fail are because of the "interactions created" or "not created" using them. For example. Does the person really interact with their audience? Not just post links or tweets, do you actually conversate with them on there walls or tweets. (this is the same as buidling trust in the email campaign right?) Also another failure I think is how people get there followers they want to have the "big numbers" but again thats like buying an email list might be big but its not targeted.

    If you can capitalize on all of these aspects then it is sure to make business better. But i do believe that e mail marketing would be best.

    If this post was useful please show your appreciation by hitting the THANKS button. ----- Right here V

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    The question you should ask yourself is: Is someone making money through this marketing strategy?

    And the answer clearly is YES. There are many people who are making lots of money with social media. I have worked with one guy who made decent monthly revenue through Facebook marketing.

    Strategy is everything. And if it works for someone else, it has to work for you too. Period.
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    Hi there,

    Interesting point-of-view, to which there is are many valid points you bring up.

    I really like hearing Gary Vaynerchuk speak about this stuff. Watch this video: Gary Vaynerchuk - Video

    The man rocks! And he know's that its all about our RELATIONSHIPS with people - especially on social media, instead of hard selling.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    I saw dr mani make a comment that the old ways work better i tend to agree with both of you but you know very well mr fox that this old web will leave you dead in the dust if you don't at least try to keep up with the changes.

    my grandfather would love to be alive to see this he'd have his nose in everything loved innovation. I think we have to incorporate social media in our business to some degree in order to hone our skills we might need it for the next big innovation. And what if the next one is the big one. best be prepared
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      Social media is valuable but you need to look at it differently. It's not for selling directly. And you do need to be systematic, every post has to be poated on your Social media accounts.

      Social media is for engaging with your readers and visitors and providing value, if you engage correctly they will continue to visit your site, every time you make a post they'll know about it and visit.

      Do something different stand out from everyone else in your market, I release a free magazine every month for my subscribers and occasionally do podcasts and interviews

      If you place a call to action on your post asking them to share they'll like, plus or tweet it, then their friends will see it and they may visit your site.

      On your site you provide ample opportunity for them to subscribe to updates you then build a relationship if you then have products to sell you'll make money.

      I started doing this on my personal blog at the end January

      I had 2067 Unique visitors in January, 3300 unique visitors in february and 5020 In March

      I documented how I generated the new traffic on the blog How to Generate Traffic To Your Blog – Video Series - Mark Thompson

      If you are serious about online marketing come and Join our free community The Foundation
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        The viral nature of social media sites makes it difficult to ignore in any online marketing strategy..though you need a orchestrated, long-term effort to lay the groundwork...the result is overwhelming.

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    I have to agree with the OP on this one, and infact, Ive felt like this for a long time.

    I think in many cases, most people do it, simply because other people are doing it.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Really it all depends on your niche and how you go about selling to people through social media. The idea is to not just get friends but try and get friends that are interested in what your selling. Then don't just throw offers in their face, make them want to buy from you. As far as the time to get followers/friends things like this can be outsourced. Some people do really well with social media and some don't that's the way it is with any marketing method.

    Bored? Need a laugh? Find us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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    social media trafficking
    it only means traffic
    its through fan pages and adding friends
    never expect rankings from social media traffic
    rankings start increasing when traffic starts coming
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    I agree and disagree with this, what i've learned is you can't just get a huge following on the social sites, like you do with an email list and advertise directly and expect a lot of converts...guys who've payed big money on facebook ads have learned that too I suspect. This is of course unless people following you are interested in something specific like a "how to make money" group or something.

    But this is not to say you can't make money with social media. First off Google absolutely pays attention to likes etc...when ranking sites, second off you can make plenty of money just need to do it indirectly. For instance say you ran a weight loss facebook group, instead of making posts advertising to the group directly, post links to articles that are of interest and toss adsense on there, or amazon products within the article, like "and there are a lot of products out there but one my favorite is Kelly loses rolls weight loss supplement" and have a link to the amazon product. Remember Amazon spends millions perfecting the art of selling things, so all you need to do is get them on there and peoples reviews, etc...will get the sale. Also don't make your article all about selling this product, just kind of include it in there, and go on with good tips or even talk bad about the product, some of its flaws, as well as its positives, this is more natural anyway. So the traffic alone from social sites is extremely valuable and you can make a good bit, may just need to go indirect with it, and make it more personable then "buy this" typical email marketing.
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    I find facebook easier to connect with people rather than twitter. Fanpages can be very valuable if you implement the right strategies. Networking with your friends can definilty make you some good money.

    I make $5,000+ a month online [CLICK HERE] to see how you can do the same starting today!

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    I'll tell you this. If anyone pushes an affiliate link to me on Twitter it's an instant unfollow.

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