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I am at the point where I need to spend money on some sort of click/link traffic tracker. Right now I use clickmeter but am almost out of my free clicks for the month. Clickmeter seems really expensive for the upgrades. However, hypertracker does not provide any information as a click limit before you purchase it. Plus I have seen a couple places where people have said hypertracker is a little out dated..

Can anyone suggest a good tracking site? One that provides the best value and most clicks for the buck? I like the analytics of Clickmeter but I don't think its worth $34 a month for 30,000 clicks a month.

Any recommendations or advise would be greatly appreciated. Also if you like your current tracker please tell me a little about it and why you like it.

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    From the lack of responses I am guessing no one uses tracking information for their links anymore.
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    *|*Easy Tracker Pro Go check that out. Daegan smith wanted to outdo hyper tracker and that is the end result.
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    link tracker is the best. That wat we all use in DCS X. well most of us anyway. are u not part of the skype group?
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    Have you heard of Prosper202 and Tracker202? They just announced that Leads202 will be rolled out and will be open source. Not sure about the other two. Have not used them but they have been around a while. Believe they are self hosted apps.

    Leads202 Goes Open Source on April 3rd
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    Thanks for all the input, I will definitely check out Easy Tracker pro.

    @Madzstar I don't use skype that much so I am not in that group. But thanks I wil also check out link tracker
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    prosper 202 is a joke compared to click meter, ive been using it for a year and love it. i use it as part of my CPV campaigns so i know what countries/cities/ISPs/ etc my clicks come from, then i redirect it to my CPVLAB tracking, propser 202 wont show you any of that. prosper 202 is a joke compared to click meter so dont even waste your time., so is linktrackr, it doesnt have all the flexible and granular reporting as click meter does, i say if you like the geographic reporting of all your links, clickmeter does it the best, i dont even think linktrackr shows that. trust me ive tried them all.
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    Thank you for all your input. Linktrackr seems to be the cheapest but I really do like click meter. I have decided to go with click meter after all. it just seems to have the best data plus I am already a free member. I will give it 30 days and see what happens. Thanks for all your input!!

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    I'm in the same boat myself.

    Currently debating on going with HyperTracker, Linktrackr, or EasyTracker Pro.
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      LinkTracker is absolutely cheapest. For beginning is best. Unlimited Click for a few bucks.
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    For starters you can use google analytics also..

    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    Linktrackr seems to be working fine for me. I tried both Clickmeter and Hypertracker before.

    Linktrackr is great because you can track ROI for affiliate products
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      I have been using linktrackr and clickmeter (just the free version for now). I wanted to point out that linktrackr has been hacked twice this year. Once in March and the second just today. (as of this post it is still down) This is not acceptable when you have hundreds of links out there. I am going to move to the paid version of clickmeter, which is much better for reporting anyway. Just thought I would put in my two cents.

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    Extremetracking it's good, and also has a free version
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      What about Pretty Link Pro? Is it better than Link Trackr or Clickmeter?
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    I don't know what the best is as I believe there is no "best", but I use hypertracker and like it.

    I don't love it, but I do like it lol

    HyperTracker.com - ad tracker

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    Prosper 202
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    there is one track.me Try that if you want.
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    i have used cmax or coreclick mximizer its simple and easy, the only problem is that it is not fully accurate, and there is no support any more
    any way there is a new software im thinking of joining called quality click control or qcc
    it cost 247$ lifetime, i think i saw ads using affiliate 197$ , not sure, if any body ever used this software please tell the the advantages and dis advantages , also is anybody use google analytic and how?
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    CPV Lab and Quality Click Control are also very good. Just started using them and love them

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    • Use YOURLS, it's FREE
      It can be integrated with Piwik by plugin.

      It's really powerful if customization is made from right hands
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        Another first time poster "yofler" bring back older thread. and beefore that "billionairetrack" still 1 post and brought this thread back from over a year!

        There are plenty of other threads related to this one which are recent...
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    Why not use Google Analytics? It's free not cheap.

    You could track every URL's you want. To learn about it watch youtube Google analytics video tutorial.
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    Something id like to point out about ClickMeter, you can actually get the $19/mo plan which gets you up to 5,000 clicks per month. $34/mo is for 10,000 clicks. In my opinion, if you get more than 5,000 clicks, you can afford to go up to the $34/mo later. Its a must have investment if you have a business.
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      Has anyone tried logging into their HyperTracker account? I paid for a month a couple of days ago and they did charge my account but as of this morning when I want to log in I get a black screen that says GIF Image, 1 x 1

      Does anyone know how to get in contact with them?

      Thank you warriors.
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    Clickmagick.. Highly recommended. Very easy to use and awesome features.
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