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by thedog
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Hi guys.

Most of us here are aware that it's very important to keep your blog backed up, and there's nasty folk out there who try and break in... especially if you're sites a good earner with lots of traffic.

I use a couple of free plugins, for example, I use a limited log in attempt plugin, and it's quite often, people trying to log into my account.

I've set my password to 250 random characters.

I'm assuming this will make it more difficult for people to log in?

Anyway, if this is a good method... then, cool.

I use lastpass, so, it generates and stores all my passwords... it's not like I'm taking 5 minutes to sign in each time.

So... ye, just though I'd share, and would be interested to get feedback on this method.
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    For my Hostgator, all I have is $25 monthly reseller plan.

    So for additional security, I added SSL ($50 a year).
    This way, just to log into my own blog or Cpanel,
    I use https

    In addition, I "double host" using CloudFlare
    to add enhanced security. It's $20 more
    monthly, but it loads the site faster too.

    I really like LastPass too
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