Social Networking site into a membership site?

by tjxu97
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Is it possible to make a social networking site into a membership site?

What software would you recommend to build a social networking site and which membership application would you use with it?


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    You should check out Dolphin software for your social networking site and the aMember for your membership script.

    What I would do is install amember on the root directory and then install dolphin in the members area.

    That way you could have your sales process like this:

    Sales Letter >> Amember Payment Gateway >> $$$ >> Access To Dolphin Social Networking Site

    You should definitely have something unique in there though because people aren't used to paying for social sites.
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    If I were you, I would look into Drupal. A lot of sites (like,, use Drupal for its social networking features. It is possible to integrate membership payment mechanisms through modules as well. A (=first) Drupal social network is not so easy to setup though, if you aren't a programmer. You may need to hire someone.

    But, if you are inclined to build more than one of such social network sites, getting acquainted with Drupal may prove worthwhile in the long run.

    I will be launching my first Drupal social network by March. If you decide to go this route and have further questions, let me know.

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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    Great info guys!

    I'm not a programmer, so Drupal sounds a bit intimidating.

    What I want for my members is for them to have the ability to create a profile that others can view and to be able to upload files that others can access with permission. So, I'm guessing social networking is the best way to do this. Any other suggestions for this concept?
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