Beware of people who offer high commissions on eBay

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Ebay has become a lot more strict about the people they allow to do a lot of business on eBay, and eBay is no longer a place where someone can create an account, buy 100 feedbacks for 10 cents each, and then start unloading a bunch of fake cell phones, replica shoes, golf clubs, appliances, and bootleg DVD's. It used to be pretty simple and when they were banned, they could just rinse and repeat the process to continue making money.

Now that's not the case, instead of these people making new accounts, they target people with a lot of positive feedback on aged accounts. Scammers lure you into promises of $20 per commission no matter what, they will ship it all for you, they will handle emails, everything - all they want you to do is "list the item because they simply don't have time for listings."

I'm here to tell you, beware of ANY products right now that have enough of a profit margin to Pay your Fees, Pay your commission, and Pay for shipping while still making a profit themselves.

Think to yourself "If this is such a good opportunity and the profit is good, why aren't they selling this on their own account?"

Again, many excuses are "I don't have the time" - this isn't true. In fact, an online assistant could cost $200 a month for this type of work. Much less than they are claiming to pay you. "I want to sell on more than one account" - why? To distance themselves from the customers who will likely want their money back. They may come back and say "To control the market with multiple listings" - this will raise red flags with eBay when they start seeing similar listings go up with the same photos and similar descriptions. Creating alternative accounts is pretty simple and affordable for people who are doing legitimate business on eBay. "I want to sell from a different country" - well, undelivered mail is the highest among international shipments, and some stuff is flagged by customs in most countries that you will likely be left with bad feedback from a customer who had to wait 6 weeks for an item. Modern eBay leaves next to no room for errors or bad feedback.

Two or three years ago, you couldn't find these "amazing opportunities" - now they are all over the forums, including this one. Be careful. There's so much risk for so little reward, and like the old saying goes - "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
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