What to Do With a Thousand Dollars?

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Now, here's one question I never thought I'd be asking myself.

My latest operations have netted me a thousand dollars online. However, of their nature, they're very time-consuming. Outsourcing would mean giving up most of the profit - and while I am prepared to do so at some point, it would only make sense if I were to find another way to earn more money by outsourcing these activities than by doing it myself.

This, then, begets a question. I have one thousand dollars which I am fully prepared to spend online. The question, how can I spend a thousand dollars to make more than a thousand dollars?

They say money attracts money - and I hope this should give me an easier start than most. I do not yet have my own product - and while I'm hesitant to work on one, I'd be open to it, if no better opportunities presented itself.

Your ideas and suggestions on possible online investments would be very appreciated.
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    Wisely choose your keywords and set up a PPC campaign.
    Build a list out of it so you can recycle the traffic and get to know them.
    Choose a good, desperate market, and you're off to the races.
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    Learn how to use Google's Site Placement Ad Program to generate visitors to your offers.

    - Keywords don't matter as you place your ads on sites related to your offers:

    - As low as 25 cents per thousands impressions:

    - Hands off marketing as you test, test and test in $25 increments.

    - You can experiment with a free $50 coupon from Google.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    @Garret, @TLT

    So if I understand you correctly, the idea is to use the money to drive PPC traffic. Fair enough - I can see the reasoning behind it.

    Would you recommend developing a product or building a list?

    From my calculations, a purely PPC-driven list can be extremely profitable so long as the $1 per month per subscriber criteria is met and so long as the cost per click does not exceed $0.50.

    The question is, in your experience, is the $1:1 ratio realistic? I've seen this ratio repeated time and again by marketers as the "average" value of a list - can anyone attest to that based on their experience?
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    I agree with the others, I'd invest it in PPC campaigns.
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