are these numbers a market you would consider getting into

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Ad Sense site.
- general keyword competition 100 - 800 (google key word search: low)
- supporting Key words 3 & 5 thousand (google key word search: low)
- competitive keyword competition. average 33 hundred. Lowest is 27 hundred (google key word search: high)
- Search Engine competition 16,400,000
- Average CPC $.20 - $.73

would it be a waste of time developing something for this niche?
a little risky, but would you go for it?

the goal is initially for an ad sense site. But the idea evolved into an authority site. stil based on ad sense and selling virtual real estate on the site. but either way are the numbers prominent?
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    what are you going to do with the market? build a list, CPA, Clickbank, Amazon Product?

    You could get a site up and capture that market and have an income stream. And then do 10 more markets with those kind of numbers and build your list or sell clickbank or whatever and have 10 streams coming in. Every little bit adds up.

    Hope this helps you.
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    this is honestly not enough searches and a very low cpc to build any time of website, for me at least
    What you can do is group similar keywords within the niche an build a bigger authority type of site.. That will significantly increase your income.
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