Is anyone doing local video business directories? Script help please?

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With all the talk about offline sales and marketing, I was wondering if anyone is building local vid directories? Makes much more sense to me to build your own asset than jump from one client to the next.

Not that you can't still offer client services, but having local leverage would be super beneficial.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good scripts or CMS's to deploy those types of sites easily? I found a clean and simple example here Video Something - Video Business Directory, Austin, Texas, restaurants, small businesses, local businesses, keep austin weird, but their SEO sucks.

Anyone have any recommendations for scripts or cms to deploy a few of these style of sites? Or example sites of something you have seen and liked?

I was thinking wordpress would be great, but that wouldn't be any ordinary theme I'm guessing.
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    sounds like a good idea. maybe you can even offer a video making service to small businesses.
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    Oh yes! I am already doing that and it's excellent for both sides... But like everything else I do, I want to own a portion of the outgoing service in order to capitalize on labor and build an asset that can be sold later for a higher valuation.

    One way to do that is move higher up in the food chain, and become the advertising site the videos go on. But the scripting/cms that would accommodate that is where I was drawing a blank ya know?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Awesome Jared!

    I had forgotten about those from before, although a bit complicated for what I was thinking.

    Does anyone happen to know of something a bit more simple and clean like in my example?

    Thanks a bunch!
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