How To Do Survey?

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Hi there. I'm a newbies to IM. - I'm cracking my head right now to create a product. The very simple question in my head is - I'm doing a survey in my website - Internet Marketing Ideas. But the question i put in also i feel so lame. Please help me here, 1) what kind of question, 2)ways to advertise the survey so that people participate 3) what medium - ebook, software (this must be tough) or other thing that will be beneficial.:confused:
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    If you're a newbie to IM, you shouldn't be doing a product about IM. It's unlikely that it will be more than recycled junk at best and at worse, you could be harming a lot of people.
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      But, people advise me to do survey just to get any idea of any market gap. then do research and find solution for the niche. is this the right way?
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