Best "Legit" Affiliate Network for Book+Tool

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I'm working on an e-Book and related tool for PPC. Most of what I see on ClickBank falls into the general category of "snake oil", but I'm trying to present useful information that mainstream advertisers will find useful.

Is ClickBank the right way to go?

I love the number of affiliates out there, and the charging model and integration are fine for aWeber or similar approaches. But I'm concerned about savvy buyers wondering if my product is junk because of the CB tie-in.

I've considered 1ShoppingCart, but the costs are higher, and I'm not sure affiliates will trust me to send their checks/PayPal. Since I need aWeber or a similar service, 1ShoppingCart might be an okay approach, but I wonder about deliverability of their autoresponder relative to aWeber.

I'm a developer, so technical hurdles aren't a problem, but I'm trying to be efficient where possible with this.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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