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This is a really cool service I just ran across. While it may not work for all IM business models, it may work for some.

Here is the link and the sales pitch directly from the site.

KeepMyBestCustomers.com (not an affiliate link)

Groundbreaking new service lets local companies reward their best customers with "miles" from the top airline loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs work. Chances are, you're a member of one (or more) loyalty programs yourself. But you're a local or regional business owner, and there's no way you can afford to implement a loyalty program that's as robust and effective as the American AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, or United Mileage Plus programs. So what do you do?

What if you could actually use these top loyalty programs to build customer loyalty for your own business? What if you could reward your best customers with miles for doing business with you? Great idea! But wouldn't that cost a fortune?

Here's the best part - there's no cost to sign-up, and you only pay for miles when your customers do business with you! You can cancel at any time.
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