Article Marketing Question: Squidoo vs. EzineArticles

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Here's the scoop. I've got a bunch of keyword targeted articles that I plan to use to drive traffic to a particular affiliate product.

Now I could post them to and then do some linking to those articles to make sure they get up there in Google.

Or I could post them to and do the exact same thing.
Do some linking to the Squidoo page to make sure that Squiddo page ranks well for the term.

Here's my question?
Which one should I do.
Which website (squidoo or ezinearticles) would give me more bang (link juice, PR etc.) for my buck?

All thoughts are appreciated!
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    C'mon folks. This should be right up your alley. It's an article marketing question.
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      If you are going to use article marketing as your sole means of traffic, you should be doing both and more.

      You need to build a great lens and use it as a pre-sell page. If you have a "bunch" (not sure how many a bunch is to you) of articles, you need to submit them to several article sites.

      This is not something that you do once and then move on. Article marketing is an ongoing process if you want it to be successful. I am talking 10 articles a week.

      You can take these same articles and rewrite them with new title and new opening paragraph and submit to as many article sites as you can.

      The biggest problem with most people that try this method is they don't submit enough articles on a regular basis and then say it doesn't work.

      Be prepared to do a bunch of writing or outsource to somebody.

      Hope this helped,

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    Simple answer. Use both. Means more traffic and possible sales for you.

    Simple Mission Statement "Under the Radar and Over the Top!"
    Sean's Guide To The Forum
    Thoughts of a 22 Year Old Marketer

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    Yep I would use both. For the record, I think Ezine is a better site to use though.
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    Maybe a dumb questions but why wouldn't you want to do both? I would think that they could compliment each other giving you more than twice the worth than you would get from one or the other.
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    I generally use both too. I seem to have more success with EzineArticles but since you need a while for your articles to be approved, you have a lot of time in between to quickly mash out a few Squidoo lenses.

    As dmarzean mentioned, Squidoo does great as a pre-sell page but some people also argue that because there are too many distractions on the lens itself (other outgoing links, ads, etc), you would be better off making your own custom pre-sale page. I personally have had a few good successes with linking my articles at Ezinearticles to a Squidoo page then straight to the product sales page from there.
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    It will be better if you will both of them, they are both doing well.
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      Both are of two different concepts. But the aim at the end is to drive traffic to your website. So follow both.
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    Once you set up your Squidoo lens and improving it so you start to see it climb up the ranks then you can start laying off it and concentrate on submitting articles linking to your Squidoo lens.

    The more traffic that goes to your Squidoo lens the higher it will rank and thus maybe get into the top 100 of your category. That's a great goal to aim for to get even more traffic as many people like looking at the Top Lists.
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      As an affiliate markter is it better ot have a squido page as a presell or your own custom page?
      Nothing to sell, only value to give and new knowledge to learn.
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    I say you can try both, but I like ezinearticles.

    The kicker is you have to keep on writing articles and make sure your keywords are focused on exactly who you want to target.

    You can say the same thing 1,000 different times in 1,000 different articles....hint hint
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    I have tried both but am new to the field and I would say both work but people can really tell who is a good writer. I think many people pump out articles but you may not be a writer and the public wont bit. Squidoo have given good result for me in a short time "Lens ranking" so it does work and it is better if writng is not really your thing. Squidoo you have pics,comments,links..etc it is great if you are not ready to write 200 articles.
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    You shoul use both to get more trafic!
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    I am using both and I must admit that both of them are converting and giving me some good link juice. As for a pagerank I am not sure they will do much but it's good if you want to do article marketing - try both!
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    Build and write the content for your lens with original stuff...should only take you an hour or two if you know the niche. Submit the articles to directories that you know will bring you results.

    Allen Graves
    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    From your squidoo lens, is it a good idea to link to a furthur squeeze page, or right to the affiliate product ?? how many hoops is too much to make a customer jump through , considering ezine article >> squidoo lens >> squeeze page >> product page

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