Rebrandable ebooks: Has any of you had good experience with them ?

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Hi everyone,

I created a series of more than 10 free travel eBooks (mini guides to various cities in Asia) and included affiliate links in them, that lead to travel/hotel affiliate-programs which I'm marketing.

I've heard many people saying that allowing this travel eBooks to be rebranded is, probably, the BEST way to get them to as many viewers as possible and wanted to ask whether any of you had a good experience with rebrandable eBooks he/she created, and if you did, can you share one or two of the most important tips.

Also, do you think it is a must to let people place their affiliate links in the books, or do you think it is enough to just rebrand it, so they can use the eBooks as an opt-in gift or whatever ???

Cheers, Roni
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    Well if they are re-branded, others will be passing them off as there own surely.

    So, yeah. You will get the book in front of a lot of people, but a lot of people will be passing them off as their own. So, you really don't build much authority or credibility.
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      Thanks ryanmilligan,

      The issue here is not to build "authority" or "credibility" but to get my affiliate links in front of as many people as possible! The question is if there are enough website owners out there who will be happy to have their logo and brand identity only (leaving ALL the affiliate links within the book to me), or most of them will insist to distribute the eBook only if some of the affiliate links within it are changed to their ID code ???

      Cheers, Roni
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    Personally, I'm happy to give away free reports to my subscribers without any of my affiliate links in them, provided the reports are good quality and actually provide value to people on my list. If they are rebrandable, all the better, but quality is the most important thing.
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