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Hey Warriors,

Have any of you guys used or I'm on the merchant side and was wondering what you all think of these 2 networks (and if you have a preference for one over the other)...

I sell ebooks and am considering using one of these 2.

- The main thing I'm looking for is easy for affiliates to use.

- Helps attract good affiliates

- Is trusted to pay me and my affiliates on time

- Low fees (do you guys know the refund fee for Affiliate-wire? ...I heard it was $25 per refund or chargeback ...where click2sell is only $1 for a refund in their "complete" plan)... is this right??

- easy to use 1 click upsells

Let me know what you guys think! I'd really appreciate it.
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    I'm pretty sure JVZoo has all of those things as well. One click upsells, easy to set up, instant payments, low fees.

    It's not just for WSO sellers

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      Ya I've heard good things about them too; however, I'm kind of interested in someone who is our reseller (so we don't need a merchant account) and have to worry about paying affiliates etc... - I don't think JVzoo offers this.
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    Anyone else have any experience or opinions about click2sell or revenuewire (
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      I have used Click2Sell, but not the other one, so I can't give you a comparison. (I am always looking for non-instant commission affiliate platforms though, so I will check it out. Thanks.)

      Click2Sell is fantastic. They support multiple payment processors, I have gotten over 100 affiliates for just one product through their marketplace, they also have very affordable advertising options for promoting your affiliate program, a blog, a forum where you can announce a launch for free, and you can email your affiliates from within the system. It's also free to list there. It also supports recurring billing.

      It is, hands down, one of my favorites. Look at PayGear too. PayGear is phenomenal, just not quite as big as Click2Sell and doesn't have quite as much to offer, but they are a damn close second.

      Good Luck,
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