Rebrandable ebooks: How do you go about them ???

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Hi everyone,

I created a series of more than 10 free travel eBooks (mini guides to various cities in Asia) and included affiliate links in them, that lead to travel/hotel affiliate-programs which I'm marketing.

I've heard many people saying that allowing this travel eBooks to be rebranded is, probably, the BEST way to get them to as many viewers as possible and wanted to ask whether any of you had a good experience with rebrandable eBooks he/she created, and if you did, can you share one or two of the most important tips.

I also wanted to ask what is the best way to go about it ? Quite naturally, I prefer to allow the change of the logo + brand-identity ONLY (so people can use it as an opt-in gift) and to remain with ALL the income from the affiliate-links, BUT, the question is whether this is viable or not ? :confused:

Also, what is the "optimal ratio" between the affiliate links that remain mine and those that can be changed ? :confused:

Appreciate your assistance,

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