Is Namecheap Ezine Friendly?

by TimS
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I have several domains with Godaddy and I cringe every time I send out a newsletter, worrying that they are going to flip the switch. I just got an email from Namecheap offering inexpensive transfers. Is that a good move?

I've heard some horror stories about Godaddy being inflexible over complaints, even when you are using double opt-in. Perhaps I'm being overly concerned but I would rather not take any chances.

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    Your concern is understandable, Tim. Practically any registrar can take action
    on alleged spam complaints, but some are more proactive and reasonable.

    Currently NameCheap is "ezine friendly" for publishers. But if the domain name
    will actually be moved into their eNom reseller account upon transfer to them,
    then eNom can still act on it if served with a complaint meeting their metrics
    for such.

    What those are, I doubt any registrar on earth will reveal. What they can say,
    though, is they'll treat such complaints case to case.

    Take it from someone who's worked in the business before and exchanged bits
    and pieces with them on things like this.


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      Namecheap is great. The owner RichardK is a stand up guy...

      that being said I'm biased and love Moniker as the CEO is a friend of a friend and is one of the most secure registrars ever...

      namecheap & moniker are for sure in my top 2 registrars...

      godaddy also makes me cringe as I've known someone personally that has had his domain shut down due to false spam complaints...I dig Bob Parson's marketing and Adam Dicker is and has contributed greatly to the domaining world...they just need to quit playing 'judge and jury' when it comes to shutting off peoples domains...

      let lawyers and judges do their jobs.

      Sean Mitchell - Publishing Your Passion
      Online Marketing Consultant Since 1999
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