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Are there any good resources or templates for createing a simple sales page in wordpress self hosted. Ive looked, but cant find anything I really like.


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    The biggest problem with creating a sales page in a WordPress blog is adding the payment button code.

    Look for plugins which allow you to add code. I can't think of any right now... You might have to experiment with different plugins, the one I used in the past doesn't work with WP2.7

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    there was one in the wso section for wordpress templates. I can't remember who the seller was, but you can use the search terms 'wordpress, sales page, template' and see

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    Here 'tis, by Andrew Seltz. Great product, works a treat. Not an affiliate.

    WP-SalesPage for WordPress

    Expert content written by an experienced veterinarian and published magazine and newspaper writer.
    Feel free to contact me for details.
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      I agree!

      Andrew Seltz did a great job here!

      I just bought this last night, and found it very easy to use and install.

      As for putting in payment button code....

      I use the "email" code generated by Paypal on most of my blog sites.

      It's short, clean, and all I have to do is build a link around it.

      I've done both image links and simple text links in just a few minutes.

      Hope that helps, and thanks again Andrew for a great wordpress tool!

      Twenty Twenty
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    Was not aware such a thing actually existed.
    Very useful and may take the need of a second site with a squeeze page out of the equation. Excellent.
    Just went to the link but the demo video was not loading, will try later though
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    I have a friend who does a great job with custom templates for wordpress, if you want him just give me a PM - he charges cheap and does great work, just let me know if you're interested.
    $1,500,000 in 14 months - OMG Machines ---> I went from $0 to $1,000,000 in under 9 MONTHS.
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