If you ain't making money in IM...[NOT FOR EVERYONE!]

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Here is the thing: there are some people who won't like this post. Nevertheless, those who get it will start making money at a much faster rate.

Now, if you are struggling to make money in IM (or anything else) you need to answer this question to yourself:

"What value is my effort creating for anyone?".

For example:

- If you have an Adsense site - do you have high quality content that people find useful, and sends qualified traffic to the advertisers?

- or -

Do you have content assembled by bots, cheap writers, articles meant for Google not humans?

- If you sell ebooks, do you have information that you believe in and can look people in the eyes when you say "It works!" ?

- or -

Did you buy some PLR, you haven't even read it and you just posted it on your site, waiting for the money to come in?

You get the drift.

This is NOT about being moral or doing the right thing. It's more about knowing what people are getting in exchange for what you're getting.

So, if ain't nobody gettin' nuthin', you may get stuck for quite sometime. Peace.
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