101 Places To Find Images For Your Blog Posts (and other uses)

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I just posted this as a reply in another thread but I figured it warrants it's own thread since the question of "where to find images which I can legally use on my website?" is always coming up.

Not sure if it's ever been shared on this forum before, but this is a very comprehensive resource (not mine) which I came across a little while ago:

101 Places To Find Images For Your Blog Posts


EDIT: Please understand that it is your personal responsibility to read and comply with the terms & conditions of the individual sites and resources mentioned in the above link. Though many are 100% free, there are some which may have a charge and/or restrictions as far as how/where you can use their images. The only way to know is to read and understand their licensing terms. Thanks.
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    Great Resource Ian!

    Thank you!
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    Awesome list. The one I use most, and which is on that list, is MorgueFile. I just like the feel of it, and they have some great photographers uploading stuff.
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      Thanks for the great link Ian! I have always found it hard to find free images for my websites. You always have to be very careful about the copyright issues. I am heading there now to check into it more.
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    Awesome resource Ian.

    I always struggle to find images for my blog posts. Copyright issues are so prominent on the internet today I was always on edge whether I was breaching the law.

    But this is perfect! Thanks.


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    wow, thanks for the great resource. I only knew about a handful in there, but to find so many great links is just gold.

    Bookmarked!!! thank you!
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    This was excellent! Thank you. I had only known of a few of them that were on the list.

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    I think you just about nailed them all. All the good ones anyway =] Nice list
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    There are real gems in this list. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks a lot! Never knew about the various resources inside and always had an issue with images.

    Haven't browsed through the whole list yet but I'm embarrassed enough to say I didn't know of the top few
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    Thank you Ian!

    I was looking for some royalty free images and your 101 Places to find images is the best! I have been going to different places like reddit and dreamstime which can be found in your recommended site wpmods.com

    Another site I can recommend to all is 9gag(at)com
    cheers to all,
    Bobby Wan

    You Are Too Blessed To Be Stressed

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    Awesome, thanks for this list Ian.
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    I found a good list from a guy on Fiverr - some weird stuff like American retro wild west along with new stuff and lots of good foodie images - and a free manual for GIMP that sells for stupid money on Amazon!
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    Great Find! I always used #21 Free Digital Photos. I love that website. I didn't know there were so many great places to get images from, cool list.

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    That is a huge list. Thank you very much for sharing it.
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    Felt so good reading this tips. I am so wondered how can I find a right place to get an image to my post. As a blogger I want to give good quality to my post.
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    Exactly what I was looking for...you saved my life

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