2% Conversion Rate - Realistic?

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Dear all,

I am just wondering how realistic a 2% conversion rate or sales copy is for a decent copywriter.

In your experience, how much would it usually cost me to outsource the writing of copy for a $47 product that will convert at 2%?

I know there can be a ton of other factors, but any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    A 2% conversion rate is very realistic. As for finding the right person do do your copy, you can pay anywhere from $50 - $500.

    The price of the product will have nothing to do with what you pay the person to write it. You are going to be paying for the quality, the page count, and sometimes you can pay more depending on the niche.

    Go check out sites like elance.com and see what people are charging for what you want done. You need to do some research on your own to get a feel for what you are getting into.

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    Thanks a lot - the reason I mentioned the price of the product is that, logically, price should affect conversion rates.

    Based on my calculations, a 2% converting product should still be profitable at $47 even in the more competitive markets.
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    I recently got 8% with my WSO.

    You can't possibly pay for conversion ratios. The writer will hopefully do the best he can with the product/niche you give him.

    If someone could GUARANTEE even a 1% conversion I'll give them $10.000 and set up a boat sales page giving me a $20.000 commission

    You can pay for quality writing but at the end of the day.. a polished poop, is still a poop!

    Excuse my crudeness.

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    What was the price of your WSO?
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    I sent you a pm you might be interested.

    I figured if your willing to spend a couple hundred on someone to write your sales page you might as well spend that money to learn how to write one yourself.

    Have a great day,


    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    Thanks for the head-up - will check it out.
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    If you can get a 2% conversion rate paying only $50 to $500 for sales copy, let me know who's writing that cheap. I'll quit freelancing and start outsourcing. )

    Most good writers charge much more than that, me included.
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    How much would you charge, then? I'm not looking to retain anyone's services just yet, but it would be good to have some ballpark estimates handy for the future.
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    Well I know for a fact that if you look on the warrior forum where people are offering there services some people will charge you 1,000-5,000 dollars per sales page.

    Why do they charge so high because if they can write a sales page that converts at 2% or higher someone can easily make all there money back in one month. So people are willing to spend the money.

    But i feel you can also have someone teach you how to write your own sales pages for less then 1000 and you will never have to worry about out sourcing again

    I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    Hi George,

    2% is very realistic. My review script when I offered a WSO in 2007 got 8% to 15% and I'm not a copywriter nor English master. I don't want to reveal my current WSO ;-)

    You'll just need to prove and make them believe that your product is really a life saver and you really used it or doing what you preach. The right subject or title is really critical, just to give you a hint.

    As like they said, copywriters are doing their best to make high conversion sales copy but when you have wrong targeted keywords or niche, the traffic will goes to trash and be sure to check if someone will like your product or if there are hungry buyers that will love your product.

    Well for me if someone assure the 2% then I will even give the percentage of the sales as the fee plus 10 to 100 times the product cost or amount. So it could be a continued testing, update and tracking. Again, it's really up to your budget and the possible life span of the product.


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