Making $5,000/month by December 2012

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Hi !

So this is my situation. Im relatively new to Internet Marketing. Ive made some sales and cash with Clickbank and Adsense, but nothing big or constant.

My goal is to be earning $5K per month.

What would you do to get to that goal if you were just getting started? I know some of you are earning that kind of money and more, so I want to know your opinion on this. Like your best tips, strategies, mindsets, plans, etc.

Thanks a lot
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    This is quite possible, but your results will be based on whether are not you take action for the next 8 months.
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  • I am aiming for $5000p.m by September 2012 although I do have a little bit of experience in IM.

    My suggestion is FOCUS. Promote one sales funnel at a time and focus on one strategy at a time - learn it, apply it, practice it to the level of mastery. Then move on to learning another strategy, marketing the same funnel.

    If you got a bit of cash though (as I do from my own profits as well as my day job), you can focus on learning one particular strategy, then outsource the others.


    Right now I am focusing on Article Marketing myself, watching training about it, applying techniques as well as writing some articles myself. In the mean time, I am also doing PPC as well as outsourcing SEO to juice up my marketing a little bit while I am concentrating on one strategy.

    (The above was just my own example, but the message behind it was that I am actually focusing my own time on one thing.)

    It really is FOCUS and CONSISTENCY. Even a small step is still a step closer.

    Don't fall into the 'Shiny object syndrome' where newbies keep switching sales funnels and guru-hopping (very common newbie mistakes) as soon as they see something attractive. This is such a waste of freaking time, its not even funny. Don't fall into this trap. Stick to one thing.

    It would really help if you devote a little bit of budget for your project as well. Just in case you have expenses such as hosting, learning a training product, outsourcing, etc. It's not necessary to spend money to make money - but it sure does help a lot. And it takes a lot of discipline to devote a portion of your budget to your online venture but if you wanna get to where you wanna be quicker, invest in yourself. Invest in your own value (meaning, actually pay to learn stuff) because the more you learn and the more value you have, the better chance you can create your own products later on.

    Also, NETWORKING helps a heck of a lot. Build relationships with people on this forum, on social media and everywhere else where you can possibly add value to people. Share your experiences, ask for advice, maybe even do JV's here and there, etc. The fastest way to success often isn't done alone.

    That's all I can think of at the top of my head for now. Let me know how you go.

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    Totally depends on your skill set and what you have to offer. Have you been successful in other areas of business? Why wait until December? If you have some skills and a successful background, you could be earning that much, much quicker than that.
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    I totally agree that focus is key. Too many people fall into the pitfall of taking on too many revneue streams and failing. Build a website/blog or forum and stick with it until you start generating a consistent level of revenue and then start a new site
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    5,000 per month by December 2012 if VERY attainable with the right services and the right approach. Stand out from the crowd, Look for residual income, and leverage the power of working with other Affiliate Marketers to properly ALLOCATE YOUR TIME. You want to promote products and services both in and out of the Affiliate Marketing industry. Team Work is more powerful than you think when you are promoting the RIGHT services to get you there.
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    TBH buddy I would not be aiming for 5k by December.

    Why set yourself a goal that you will most likely fail at?

    All sorts of people come on to this forum and see all the dollar signs and testimonies of doing great in IM and its too easy to make money etc etc. You have people selling WSO's showing how to make thousands per week every hour, never mind every day. Why?

    Because they can. Because they know people will buy them because they are looking for that next easy dollar. Anyways I am skewing off course here.

    Dont aim for 5k by December. Aim for $25 a day, then $50 etc etc. Scale it up.

    Also, me personally, I would stay on one course of income, ie CPA, Article Marketing, Adsense, Flipping Wesbites etc etc. Dont do a little bit of each. Master one.
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    Hey, I think that setting goals is great! I also think that your goals is 100% possible! All you have to do it put in a lot of work in the beginning, but it will pay off!
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    Well you can achieve your goals if you know what you are doing. And you have to stay focused on one thing. Do not jump from one method to another. Good luck with your goal.
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    Thanks for your opinions, I will create a detailed plan and stick to it
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    Hi, at the begining, this was my goal too, im talking about probably 1 year ago, and since Ive already passed that milestone (aiming for the 10k/mo now) i can tell you that it is a systematic process, focus your efforts in making first $1000, then ramp up to $2000 and son on until you reach your goal, im telling you it is quite possible, im living proof of that.

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    Thats definitely a doable goal. Have a plan, use your profits to reinvest in your projects
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    Like others have said, your knowledge and experience at this point will certainly be a big factor. That being said, it's doable. My biggest piece of advice would be to choose 1 technique and stick with it. If you try 5 things simultaneously you will get spread too thin and won't make much progress with any of them. Do your research up front, and stick with whatever approach seems best to you. My choice was ecommerce, but there are many routes you could go!!
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    It is totally possible to earn that amount of money, but don't aim to December because you will mostly fail at that commitment.
    As one said above, you have to focus and work on one thing at a time, and master that product you are promoting. Only then you can move to another niche.
    In time having different income streams, money will start coming consistently.
    The main thing you must understand and accept, is that you will have to be patient and consistent with the effort you put into your business.
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    This forum will help you get some insight and strategies that work. There are lots of ways to make money online as your probably have realized. Pick a strategy that you enjoy. Learn it, love it and live it! Stay consistent every day in taking action. Make those adjustments quickly. You will eventually see the results you are looking for.
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    My advice is to work backwards. So if you want to be earning 5000 a month by December of this year then work backwards, month by month, December, November, October, etc. all the way to April. Figure out what needs to happen in each one of those months to reach your goal.

    You also need to have a template-able plan. Something that you can repeat that will consistently make you more money each time you do it. The point is that you're not just aimlessly meandering from methods method, you're gaining mastery over one specific process that will reliably making money every time you do it.

    For example, you could plan to build two websites a month every month until December, and that's how you would get $5000 a month. If you have money to spend, you could decide that you're going to dive into PPC+CPA and initiate 5 campaigns per month until December, and that's how you're going to aim for $5000 month.
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    Originally Posted by JamesT22 View Post

    Hi !

    My goal is to be earning $5K per month.

    What would you do to get to that goal if you were just getting started? I know some of you are earning that kind of money and more, so I want to know your opinion on this. Like your best tips, strategies, mindsets, plans, etc.

    Thanks a lot
    1. Sleep less.
    2. Work smart.
    3. Say no to 1000 things.
    4. Work on your goal neither looking backwards or sideways.
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    James you have to have a lot of focus, patience and persistence.
    Make sure you pick one way of marketing and stick with it. Do not try and juggle various types of marketing. It will only confuse you
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      Yep, just stick to what's been working for you if you are already making 20 a day just do what you've been doing 10x over and you should be making 200 a day if it's scalable...

      Just don't waste your time online goofing around, or checking your stats all day like I used to.
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        Hey there,

        Turn off your TV or anything that can distract you! Might be hard at the beginning!

        I would concentrate on 2 things. Provide services + build up your IM empire!

        If you can write articles, then you can always generate some money from this whilst learning the ropes of IM. It is always encouraging. That's what I have found works best for myself. Reaching 5K takes a little while and you are planning to get there by December, which is feasible but when starting on a plan with IM you may not see any rewards straight away- and this can be quite disheartening at times.

        So, pick ONE PLAN- be it article marketing or anything else but on the side, try to generate some cash too by offering services if you can! It helps!

        Gd Luck.

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    My best advice would be to focus. Make a business plan and stick to it. Write down your goals and put them somewhere where you can see them and read them daily.
    Don't get distracted by the next big thing or the next WSO of the day.
    Try to spend less time on the WSO forum and more time building up your sites
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