$100 For Best Killer Tip

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Hi all,

It's been a while since any cash prize was offered this way. So let's keep this short and simple. =)

If you have a killer tip that can help others make money online, or make MORE money online. Post it here and you might just walk away $100 richer. Your tip can be as long and detailed as you want it to be, or even short and sweet. The key importance is that its actionable and useful.

I'll pick a winner next friday, 27th Feb 10pm EST and the person will walk away with an extra $100 in his/her paypal account. =)

Yours Truly,
Alvin Huang
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    Ok Alvin...

    Tip 1) Don't comb your hair with your hat on!

    Oh, all right then, how about what I recently posted here?...


    "How To Hang Out On Various Exotic Islands
    Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

    Get your FREE ISSUE entitled...'A Quick, Easy $2,000 In Your Pocket By This Weekend!'
    >> ---> http://LettersFromASmallIsland.com/sq1.html <--- < <
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    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for taking part. Rather than having the others click onto another thread. Alright if I just repost it here?

    By Roy Carter
    Hi Guys,

    If you read this post and just simply focus in and do what I suggest, then you will make some nice cash. How's that?

    Step 1) Stop thinking about making money and start thinking about helping people.

    I think it was Zig Ziglar that said that. And you know what? He's exactly right. As soon as I stopped thinking about how I could make an income online and started to think about what problems people were having and how I could help them, well, the cash just started rolling in all by itself. Regular as clockwork.

    You see, as online marketers your job is simply to help people who have problems. And it's a nice feeling when you know that the products you promote are truly helping people. It feels good and gives you a lift. And it can make you rich at the same time.

    Step 2) Find a hungry market with a burning need or desire to solve a problem. (I'll give you an example you can use right away in just a moment).

    Step 3) Find (or create) a product that can help these people solve their problem and show them where they can get it.

    Do steps 1 - 3 above with enough focus and consistency and you won't be able to stop the cash flooding into your bank account.

    Let me give you an example you can use right away and show you how you can help people who have a huge problem and at the same time get very nicely paid for your efforts.

    **Hot Niche Alert!**

    Right now in the USA the credit crunch is having a massive affect on people's lives. Home foreclosures have gone through the roof. There's almost nobody that isn't either affected themselves or knows someone in their circle of friends who is facing having their home reposessed.

    People facing a home foreclosure have a massive problem that they need good advice about as soon as possible. These people need help and quickly. And anyone who can provide them with really useful advice that will truly help them avoid having their home taken away, well, that person is going to be listened to.

    And that person should be you.

    Just do a quick search on Clickbank and you will find a good product or two about home foreclosures that you can point people to (using your affiliate link of course) that will give them the answers they need to possibly avoid having their home taken away. (There'll be some rubbish in there too, so just make sure that what you are promoting offers solid and genuine help - You can either buy a couple or ask for a review copy).

    Exact instructions on how to promote these products are there on the affiliate pages for you. All laid out. At least they will be if the product owner has bothered to create a decent affiliate page.

    Just follow the instructions on that page, forget about doing anything else for a while and just do that. If you do you will not only be helping people, you'll be increasing your income quite nicely as well.

    And you'll have done that simply by helping people to solve a burning problem.

    The sad thing is that a lot of you won't do anything with the information I've just given you. Those of you that make an effort will see that it works.

    So stop thinking about making money and start thinking about helping other people to solve their problems. Do that and you'll help yourself as well.

    Hope that helps move you forward.


    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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    My tip would involve in making money putting very little effort in

    This technique doesn't involve selling anything, so it works great -

    1) get hold of a online dating plr ebook and insert your cpa affiliate links to online dating sign ups.

    2) distibute your report via torrents.

    3) dont forget to offer MRR rights to it so others can distribute it for you to their friends. And thats it!

    4) If you want to go a step further, put up a squeeze page offering the report for free, but dont waste time writing articles to promote it. Just set up an ebay classified ad as featured and you'll get optins flowing in

    5) Sit back and relax

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    here's mine:
    1. Take action
    2. stay focused
    3. dont give up. Ever.
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    Exploit the power of Wordpress MU to quickly build and test niche sites without the need to buy additional domains.

    1. buy a semi-generic domain name that you can add multiple niche sub-domains to (e.g. freeinfohq.com)
    2. request that your hosting company setup wildcard DNS for your new generic domain; if you're using dreamhost or hostgator a simple email to their support desk usually gets this taken care of right away
    3. download and install Wordpress MU and select to use subdomains during the setup process
    4. install your favorite Wordpress theme
    5. click Site Admin > Create New Blog
    6. set your options for the new blog including your theme, seo options, analytics, etc.. and away you go.

    You'll now have a subdomain niche blog setup that is keyword rich and you can start driving traffic to it. I've got this setup to the point now where I can have a new blog created and loaded with PLR content in under a minute.

    You can use these blogs for adsense, or affiliate marketing, or even promoting your own products. It's a quick and easy way to test a market. If the market seems viable, then create a more detailed niche domain and move the content there.

    There's a more detailed version of this available in a free report at the link in my sig for Rapid Fire VRE
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    Hi Alvin,

    This is my tip to create free targeted traffic:

    1. Create keyword targeted articles

    2. Post them on your blog

    3. Submit the articles to article directories pointing
    to a squeeze page

    3. Record the articles into audio using Audacity or
    any audio recording software

    4. Make the recording "professional" by inserting
    stock music at the beginning and ending of the

    5. Remember to insert a "call to action" at the end
    of the recording by directing them to your web site.

    6. Submit that recording to various podcasting sites

    7. Create a Powerpoint presentation using Camtasia
    or Camstudio while inserting the audio recording that
    was done previously.

    7.1. An alternative to using screen capture videos is
    to use Windows Movie Maker. For the slides, use
    pictures created in Photoshop or GIMP

    8. Submit the video recordings into the various video
    sharing websites.

    9. Be sure again to show the web site address in the
    video - show it at the bottom throughout the whole

    10. Rinse and repeat.

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    I want to share a method with you that I found to be very effective when promoting affiliate products to my list.

    It's more powerful than sending a purely promotional email. Here it is:

    Step 1:

    Before promoting the product in your email, give them a free branded report. You could ask the merchant if he has a report you can brand with your affiliate link. It's better if they can give you the Word or text file, so you may put your cloaked affiliate links within before converting it to pdf.

    If they don't have any rebrandable report, ask their permission to compile their articles into a short e-book.

    Step 2:

    Give your list the report first, then below that you could promote the related product. This is powerful because you're giving them something for free, with no strings attached whether they buy the actual product or not. (This uses the law of reciprocity).

    At the same time, the report might go viral and they will buy the product if it's truly helpful. If they don't buy immediately, they could do it in the future because they'll come back to read the report any time in the future. (This doesn't happen very often with emails.)

    Step 3:

    You could take it one step further. Ask the merchant if he can give your subscribers an exclusive, time-sensitive discount. I often do that when joint venturing with other marketers because my subscribers are much more responsive to time-limited, special offers. The law of scarcity really works!

    We may have lost a certain commission amount per sale, but the quantity of the orders have multiplied significantly! This works for my list, and I'm quite sure it would work with yours. But the key to everything is to always TEST, TEST, AND TEST.

    So to recap, give a free report first, then present your time-sensitive special offer after that. (yes, this is in one email).

    Want an actual sample? Here's one I sent to my list:

    <Start Of Promo Email>

    Hi {!firstname_fix},

    Hope you're doing great. I'd like to give you a free short e-book that reveals 7 powerful goal-setting techniques to achieve your desires.

    Download it at:
    7 Goal Setting Techniques

    One thing is for sure... ALL successful people know how to set and achieve their goals effectively, so I hope this e-book helps you start on the right track.

    And by the way, you know how I'm always on the lookout to give you the very best deals.

    That's why after I read "How to Set and Achieve A Goal" by goal-setting expert Arina Nikitina (and was totally impressed by it), I asked her to give you a special deal because I know this could really help you.

    She first agreed to give you a $10 discount, but I negotiated with her further.. until she finally agreed to give you a 50% discount!

    But this half price offer expires on October 26, so grab it quick at the link below if you don't want to miss out on this rare opportunity.

    27 Advanced Goal Setting Tricks and Techniques

    May you achieve all your goals in life, {!firstname_fix}.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Lee

    P.S. If you're already achieving all your goals, then you probably don't need this anymore. But if you can't seem to get what you want in life, then grab this now before the half price offer expires:

    27 Advanced Goal Setting Tricks and Techniques

    <End Of Promo Email>
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    Get off this thread and start doing something you know will work instead of looking for the next big thing to try.

    Check out my WSO:

    100 Backlinks a Day

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      Here's my killer tip:

      Let's say that your niche is golf and you sell a $147 golf DVD program (and cross-sell/upsell to other products).

      Step 1. Set yourself up as an Amazon marketplace seller.

      Step 2. Look at the ten bestselling books on Amazon that best fit your target avatar.

      Step 3. Advertise those 10 books on Amazon for a dollar or two cheaper than anybody else on Amazon.

      Step 4. When you get orders for those books - and you will - buy the copies from the cheapest supplier above you in price. Yes you are losing money at this point.

      Step 5. When your order of books arrives, pack in the sales material for your $147 golf DVD program (CD/DVD/Flyer etc) into the pack with the book and send it 'your' Amazon buyer.

      This method completely bypasses traffic, squeeze pages etc. Also, this only works if you have a higher ticket item/s to sell and don't mind the hassle of mailing stuff to leads but the leads are highly qualified. In short, a classic DM-type of tactic.

      Not my tip BTW (audience contributor on an Eben Pagan video), but very cool and hopefully worth sharing.
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      This is the one I like best:

      Originally Posted by Odhinn View Post

      Get off this thread and start doing something you know will work instead of looking for the next big thing to try.

      Jordan Matthews

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    Ok this is somehting i talked to the company i work for today.

    Basically Google's algorithm, apart from over 100 factors has to juggle 2 things.

    1) New websites/articles that and not yet trusted need to be penalised until they gain google's trust so if you post a new article, google won't allow ti to rnak straight away until it's ready to trust the content.

    This conflicts with it's other interest;

    2) Events, News, Trends and explosive topics. Google has to be able to see a new topic or event that's happened and then launch those new fresh content articles to the top of the rankings so when a user Google's a topic they saw in the paper or on the news those articles are slap bang in your face you've gotten the most relevant topic.

    Google does this by keeping track of users, searches, article dates and article content.

    So to take advantage of this a really savvy company should bookmark all the hottest news/website in their secotr and keep tabs on them everyday. Whatever CMS system you use make sure dates are eneabled and as soon as you see a rally hot topic appear you need to bang an article out that is very similar REALLY quickly and get it pinged and RSS-ed as fast as possible.

    If Google's algorithm sees that this is a relevant event-article it will catapult you to the top of the rankings.

    This is best used on well linked websites with good PR, business websites.

    an example would be the recent news on Facebook exploiting users rights, that would be hot and could be exploited to get to the top of the rankings.

    I hope you find this useful, it is an AMAZING technique, our company is getting ready to deploy this as part of our arsenal.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dan C. Rinnert
      Offering an add-on product, especially something that will be necessary or useful at some point, at a discount over the regular price, if you buy with the regular purchase.

      For example, if you sell a printer, ask if they would like to order an extra set of refill ink at a discounted price.

      If you sell an eBook, offer them an eBook that complements the main eBook, at a discounted rate if they buy them together.

      Just keep it very simple, like a simple checkbox that's part of the ordinary checkout process, so you don't annoy a customer with an extra click-thru. Would you like... Y/N. By default, I have it set to "No."

      I know some people bombard people with one-time offers and all that sort of thing, but I just like to keep it simple. Would you like to add this to your order and save money now, versus buying it later at the regular (higher) price?

      Works great. It doesn't increase sales, but it increases the amount of a sale you were already making.

      Dan's content is irregularly read by handfuls of people. Join the elite few by reading his blog: dcrBlogs.com, following him on Twitter: dcrTweets.com or reading his fiction: dcrWrites.com but NOT by Clicking Here!

      Dan also writes content for hire, but you can't afford him anyway.
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    Here's something free and easy if you put the time into it:

    Set up 10 blogger blogs-completely free
    Make them on different niches
    Put adsense on them
    You can also put affiliate products on them
    Try to make 1 post on each one every single day.

    You don't have to invest any money, be a techie, and any newbie can do this.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Do up a real great WSO and post it on Warrior Forum
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    Please pay special attention to this article, as here I lay
    out how you get 10,000 people to look at your website
    each month. This is no small feat!

    people - visitors). Without it your business is DEAD.

    Even if you have the best website in the world, what is the
    use if NOONE SEES IT?

    A mediocre website seen by a lot of people will build your
    business and make you more money than a site that is
    PERFECT that no one sees.

    To quote Mike Litman (self-made millionaire mentor):

    'You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going.'

    In this light, I recently found out a form of marketing that
    I had seen all over but never used. It is becoming very

    So, if you are willing to work about an hour a day. You can
    do the below without spending a dime.

    PLEASE do not just read it and forget it or think it is too hard
    or boring.

    Just do it and get others to do it and soon enough it will be
    on autopilot and you will get the same traffic WITHOUT

    It is a bit of a long post but I have broken it down to make
    it as simple and do-able as possible.

    It is exactly what you need to do to start getting visitors to
    your blog or any website TODAY.

    And remember, this is only ONE of about 10 KEY FORMS of
    marketing you can do. But this is simple and costs you ZERO.

    It takes about an hour a day of your time, and yes, TIME IS
    MONEY. You decide if 10,000 visitors per month is worth an
    hour a day of your time. Are you serious about building your
    online business?

    Do these steps one at a time. Either leave this message open
    as you are doing the steps or copy and paste this content into
    a word doc and leave it open in front of you.

    This form of Marketing is called TRAFFIC EXCHANGE MARKETING.

    Here we go!

    Go to a website called 'traffichoopla'. You have to Google it, I cannot put any links here.

    Note: it is best if you can use Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox for this
    or any browser that has multiple TAB features. This is where you
    can open a series of TABS in the same browser window.

    Sign up for a free account there (Traffic Hoopla). They will likely
    send you a confirmation e-mail. Find it in your emails and click to

    Save this website in a FAVORITES folder called TRAFFIC or
    whatever you choose. You will need to come back to it.

    Go back to your Traffic Hoopla Account and log in using your
    MEMBER NUMBER and password. Once you are logged in, ignore
    their special offers. Click on '1st Join List' in the left
    hand column.

    You will see a list of 'Traffic Exchange' programs there. Click on
    the name of the first one. This will take you to a Traffic Exchange

    Info: in these types of sites you basically sign up, add your link(s)
    that you want to promote and you start VIEWING the websites of
    others. With the credits earned from viewing others'sites, you
    INSTANTLY TODAY start receiving visitors to YOUR WEBSITES!

    In the Traffic Exchange website, click on JOIN NOW or SIGN UP
    and sign up for a free account. You will be signing up for a few
    programs like this. Use the same email account for all these
    signups and make it something different from your primary
    email address. You will not get a flood of emails from these
    programs but enough.

    At the bottom of the signup form they have a field that
    asks for your website name and link. Put in the main website
    you want to get people to NOW. You can add more later if
    you want. Usually up to 3 per Traffic Exchange program.

    Once done with signing up they will send you a welcome email.
    Leave it for now, as you will be signing up for several Traffic
    Exchanges and you can go back and click on all the confirmation
    links at once.

    Save this Traffic Exchange website in your FAVORITES or
    BOOKMARK folder called 'TRAFFIC' or whatever you like.

    Now go back to that same 'Traffic Hoopla' Website page
    with the list of programs called TOP 5 TRAFFIC EXCHANGES.

    Sign up for ALL the other Traffic Exchanges on that page (7
    of them total last I checked). Use the same procedure as
    you used above. Use the SAME username, password and
    e-mail address for all accounts to keep it simple and easy.

    Each time you sign up for one, save that link/website under
    your FAVORITES BOOKMARK folder called TRAFFIC. At the
    end, check to make sure you have all 7 in there.

    Now go to your e-mail and find all the confirmation e-mails
    from these programs. Click on all those confirmation links.

    Your accounts are now activated. If you later cannot log
    into any of these, ask them to resend the confirmation

    NOTE: in some of these confirmation e-mails you will be
    given a USERNAME that is a NUMBER. Write this down on
    a card file or in a word doc that you keep on your desktop
    as you will need it to log into your account.

    NOTE: they will send you various free and bargain offers, etc.
    Ignore these for now as you will just get distracted and lose
    time. Remember, you want to get traffic to your website

    Now open a single Browser Window and close any others you
    may still have open now. Look for the little Gold STAR on the
    top left corner of your Windows Internet Explorer Browser
    Window. This gives you a list of your FAVORITES or BOOKMARKED

    Left click on that and go down to your TRAFFIC folder.
    RIGHT CLICK on that folder link and select 'Open in TAB Group'.
    Right Click on that.

    This will open all you Traffic Exchange Websites at once across
    the top of the single Browser Window in a series of TABS.

    We do it like this so you can easily open all these sites and
    quickly flip back and forth between the websites.

    Click on the first TAB. If it is your home page and not a Traffic
    Exchange website, click on the X to close it and go to the next

    You will see there your first Traffic Exchange site. Log in with
    your username and password. Ignore the 'once only upgrade
    deals' they ALWAYS have by skipping to the bottom of those
    pages and clicking 'not interested'. They will repeat these offers
    on 2-3 different web pages, just skip to the bottom of the
    page each time and click 'not interested'.

    Once you have the main account page open of your Traffic
    Exchange website, look for the 'START SURFING' or 'SURF' link.
    Click it to start the process of page viewing.


    to the next TAB (the next traffic exchange website). Click on it and
    repeat the above steps so that you are actively 'viewing' and gaining
    a credit on that site.

    Repeat this for each of the 7 or so Traffic Sites until each one is rolling.

    Now go back to the FIRST TAB and you will see there is somewhere
    you need to click to bring up the NEXT SITE TO VIEW. Usually it is a
    matching image or number. Click on that and IMMEDIATELY MOVE

    Do this over and over cycling through each TAB (Traffic Website) for

    Every time you click as above in any of the Traffic Exchanges, you
    earn a view from someone else of YOUR website. Sometimes you need
    to view TWO sites to get one visitor to yours but it's all good as you
    will get plenty of visitors and you often get bonus credits as well.

    NB: in about an hour you can cycle through all the tabs about
    50-100 times once you are familiar with this procedure. This earns
    you 50-100 credits ON EACH SITE.

    Each credit gives you ONE PERSON that will view one of YOUR SITES!
    That is about 500 credits PER DAY meaning 500 visitors to your sites
    per day! Taking 500 per day as an average, working like this 5 days
    per week, that is 2,500 credits per week or 10,000 per month!

    That means you will have your website or blog in front of 10,000 pairs
    of eyes each month for working one hour per day at this. And
    even if only a very small percentage of people end up joining your business or at least your autoresponder, you still will have markedly increased your chances to succeed!

    IMPORTANT: we will cover automation of your business elsewhere but
    I will make a quick comment here. Imagine getting only a 1% response
    rate to your site views (this is normal). This means each month 100
    people (1% of 10,000) would sign up for your mailing list.

    This means you need to have a form on your web page to capture
    names and email addresses. Then your AUTORESPONDER will be sending
    a series of 10-20 messages to THESE PEOPLE about your business over
    the next two months!

    By statistics, people on average require 7 views of your information
    before they will buy from you or join you. This is why you need follow
    up (autoresponder).

    BUT 10,000 site views will give you some people joining your business
    with or without an autoresponder so GET THIS GOING IN ANY CASE.


    If you are spending more than an AVERAGE of 4-5 seconds routinely on
    each website you are viewing, you are wasting your valuable time.

    When you click to go to the NEXT SITE in any surfing session, do not
    wait for the page to load. That alone will waste 5-10 seconds EACH
    TIME. That is 500 times 5-10 seconds each day. TIME IS MONEY!

    When you WILL view that page is when you again go BACK to that TAB
    (Traffic Exchange web page). THEN IT IS FULLY LOADED and waiting.

    THEN view the page briefly to see if it is anything of Interest to you.
    After all this IS a TRAFFIC EXCHANGE and it is only fair that you look at
    others sites to see what they have, the same as you would hope that
    people are actually looking at YOUR sites.

    BUT the whole time saving point to this is that you can do it very fast.
    It only takes 1-3 seconds to see if a site is something of interest to you.
    You have no duty to spend time on things that are of no interest to you.

    That is why these Traffic Exchanges sometimes ask you what type of sites you are INTERESTED in viewing. This is so that you can get TARGETTED TRAFFIC to look at and so YOUR sites are being viewed only by people who have some INTEREST in your subject.

    NOTE: Some sites you will see are GRIPPINGLY INTERESTING. You can
    spend 20 seconds on thse if you want, but remember that you are being
    faced with some very expert marketers who could sell ice cubes to an
    eskimo so do not get too sucked into any one site.

    If you want to study something in more depth, BOOKMARK IT (put it in a
    This keeps you FOCUSED on what you are there for RIGHT NOW -- viewing sites to earn the maximim possible credits so you can get the most visitors to your site!

    Some sites in the rotation do not even load and give an error page (click
    and move on). Some are pure garbage. Click and move on.

    Some are technically amazing with flash and graphics and some have killer
    copy that grabs your attention and sucks you in. That is called good marketing and is a high skill. Take note of these sites mentally from a professional viewpoint as to what you like about them.

    Save them in your favorites for later study if you want. And use them as a lesson for what YOU CAN DO ON YOUR OWN WEBSITES to improve them and get a better response rate. This is a place where you can learn a LOT, as you are seeing 500 websites every single day!

    The better you can grab and hold someone's attention, the more they will
    click through to your website capture page and sign up for your offer.

    Some websites come up over and over as many people are promoting them. Click and move on.


    Sometimes your screen slows way down while surfing and you just have to wait a few seconds to let the computer backlog clear up and then things
    will move faster again. You will load many sites and some have heavy
    graphics that take up a lot of bandwidth and slow things down. Sometimes
    error messages slow things down as some sites just do not load or create

    You should FREQUENTLY click on TOOLS at the top of your BROWSER
    PAGE and delete your COOKIES and TEMP INTERNET FILES. And also
    your PAGES VIEWED HISTORY. This will free up your computer memory
    and speed things up again.

    Sometimes if your computer has been logged on for some hours and
    something is jammed somewhere, you cannot resolve it by the above.
    You may have to close all windows and re-boot your computer and
    this will give you a fresh and fast start.

    Note though that each time you do this you will need to again open
    your series of TABs and enter your username and password to start
    viewing sites again. So do not do this more than you have to.

    Do your 'surfing' at a time you will not be interrupted too much for
    about an hour. If you open all the sites and then go to lunch for 30
    minutes, your traffic sites will have timed out by the time you get
    back and you will have to log in again. This is a waste of time.

    Okay, this has been a bit long but it is something that is not generally
    known as a fast technique for getting IMMEDIATE VOLUME VISITORS

    Sometimes you will get REALLY BORED and want to quit. Remember, you
    do not ALWAYS have to use this surfing technique BUT RIGHT NOW IT

    With this you are trading your valuable TIME for visitors, which is why
    you cannot 'dally' (mess around) in all the interesting sites you will have
    put in front of you. You have to maximize each MINUTE. TIME IS MONEY.


    As you may have read, 'the money is in the list'. Add just 100
    customers per month to your mailing list and you will have 1,200 in

    So please KNOW that you are doing something here that will serve
    you well into the future!

    And know that as you expand your TEAM, you will get them to do
    the same as the above USING YOUR SIGNUP LINKS. You will start
    to get credits FOR THEIR SURFING AS WELL and after awhile THAT
    ALONE will get you more than 10,000 credits per month!


    We will work out getting you an autoresponder so you can capture
    the email addresses of people that view your website.

    You can use the same technique as above to promote up to 3 of your
    websites on most Traffic Exchanges. Some allow you (as a free member)
    to put in 5 or 6 or even 10.


    Set up your 'surfing day' as above with all Traffic Websites (TABS) open
    in a browser window.

    Take the first tab and log in. Do not start viewing sites but go to a link/
    button called MY SITES.

    There you can add in your blog or other website.

    Sometimes they TEST your site to see if it is valid.

    Sometimes you just enter the URL and roll.

    Add the sites you want to add.

    IMPORTANT: almost always you are given a choice by the Traffic Exchange software to AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGNING YOUR CREDITS to your sites. I use this option wherever possible as I do not want to be fiddling with assigning credits all the time. Just let the system do it.

    You are also given a choice of which percentage of your credits you want to assign to each website. You can assign 50% to the most important one and 25% each to the other two if you have 3 sites. Or any other combination that adds up to 100% for your sites.

    Okay, that's it finally. Write me with any questions. Good luck!

    Lifetime Passive Income
    Consistently Paying 10 year old solid company
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  • Profile picture of the author Harold Hsu
    Here's my tip:

    Set aside an hour or two each day to do ACTUAL work. Before you sit down and start working, decide on TWO things you would want to complete, and make sure you complete them.

    Shut down your email and turn off your instant messenger. Just work at it a couple of hours a day consistently, and the results will show for itself.

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    • Profile picture of the author AndrewCavanagh
      Originally Posted by Odhinn View Post

      Get off this thread and start doing something you know will work instead of looking for the next big thing to try.
      Originally Posted by Harold Hsu View Post

      Here's my tip:

      Set aside an hour or two each day to do ACTUAL work. Before you sit down and start working, decide on TWO things you would want to complete, and make sure you complete them.

      Shut down your email and turn off your instant messenger. Just work at it a couple of hours a day consistently, and the results will show for itself.

      The biggest reason most of the people on this forum aren't making a great income has nothing to do with their knowledge.

      After surfing around for a week or two you have more than enough knowledge to make a six figure income.

      But if you want to make money you have to take ACTION.

      You can search forever for some neat idea that will magically fill your pockets but the real reason you're not making money...if that income isn't coming in....is because you haven't taken enough action that can conceivably make you the income you want.

      So stop looking for the next big thing and start DOING what you know works.

      And keep doing it until you get the results you want.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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      • Profile picture of the author rosetrees
        Said to me by a friend I met in town yesterday, when I told her about a new site I was working on:

        "get all your friends and relatives to search for it so Google think it's really popular"

        I've no idea if that would work, but it made me think.
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  • Profile picture of the author alvinhuang
    Thank you all for the entries. I must say, some are really good. =)

    Hopefully we can gather at least 50 entires.

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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    • Profile picture of the author SarahMcHarry
      1. Get some starting capital by selling your own stuff on ebay. Anything that will raise money.
      2. Go over to SitePoint Marketplace and browse the sites for sale. Buy one that is currently getting traffic. Invest as much of your starting capital as you need to get the most traffic for your money.
      3. Tidy up the site. Re-monetize it as necessary. Ramp up the traffic by looking at all the expert advice on this forum.
      4. Either reinvest the proceeds from this site in a second site, or:
      5. Sell the first site for more than you paid for it.
      6. Rinse and repeat.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steve888
    Create a contest and give a 100$ prize to the winner for the best idea on a product. Then create that product and market it...
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Don't be afraid of failure, be afraid of never trying.

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author alvinhuang
    Thank you all for the tips. Is that all?

    Otherwise do keep them coming. I'm sure fellow warriors would all benefit from this.

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    Do we really have to wait till the 27th? I wanna know who the winner is!!!!

    siggy taking a break...

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    • Profile picture of the author Keegahn
      Buy a laptop and a copy of "Master of Puppets" by Metallica.

      If you have any work that can be done offline (article writing, copywriting, etc) a laptop is the best investment ever, at least it has been for me. Take the laptop somewhere comfortable and do the work with no distractions; the Interweb is one big money-making distraction.

      Who knew the thing making me lots of money can also stop me from making lots of money? See, even right now I'm distracted.

      Oh, and the Metallica album is for me... I lost mine.
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      • Profile picture of the author entrepenerd
        So funny. I'm rocking to Master of Puppets right now. Now, that's coincidence.

        Originally Posted by Keegahn View Post

        Buy a laptop and a copy of "Master of Puppets" by Metallica.

        If you have any work that can be done offline (article writing, copywriting, etc) a laptop is the best investment ever, at least it has been for me. Take the laptop somewhere comfortable and do the work with no distractions; the Interweb is one big money-making distraction.

        Who knew the thing making me lots of money can also stop me from making lots of money? See, even right now I'm distracted.

        Oh, and the Metallica album is for me... I lost mine.
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    • Profile picture of the author alvinhuang
      Originally Posted by valerieSONORA View Post

      Do we really have to wait till the 27th? I wanna know who the winner is!!!!
      It'd only be fair valerie. And also at the same time gather as much valuable tips as possible. =)

      Be patient.

      Alvin Huang

      Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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  • Profile picture of the author shane_k
    I wasn't going to post anything because I figured that people would look at me and think, "What does he know he's only a newbie."

    But after thinking about it even though I am new to online marketing I do have skills that I have built up when it comes to investing in real estate and negotiation and a lot of other things.

    First I will explain how I use this offline, then I will explain how this can benefit you with online marketing.

    My niece was looking for her first job two months ago and came to me for some advice.

    I told her three things.

    1) To remember that people who post job offers in the newspaper put in the lowest possible wage, that they feel they can get away with paying someone. Basically this means that they can afford more, but if they can get someone to accept minimum wage they will pay that.

    2) To go in and ask for 1.5 times what you want. So if you want $10/hour, then go in and ask for $15/hour.

    The people offering you a job will do two things.
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  • Profile picture of the author shane_k
    oops my last post registered before I have a chance to finish it.

    So the people offering you a job will do two things.

    They will either

    accept your offer
    reject your offer.

    If they accept it great! You just got 1.5 times what you wanted.

    If they reject your offer then great!


    3) You ask them this question, "What is the closest you can get to that?"

    Most people would ask them, "what are you willing to pay me?" and if you ask them that, then they will give the lowest possible answer they will believe you will accept.

    So if they believe you will accept $8/hour they will say $8/hour.

    But if instead you ask them, "How close can you get?"

    I guarantee you their answer will be closer to the upper range of what you want.

    So how is this useful to Internet Marketers?

    Anywhere you have to negotiate a price or percentage.

    There is a lot of interest in "offline" marketing with our online skills. So imagine if you were negotiating with a brick and mortar business and offered to do a simple website for $2,000 and they rejected that.

    if you were to ask them "what are you willing to offer?" what do you think they are going to say?

    I'll let you answer that.

    And if you were to ask them, "How close can you get?" I gaurantee you that their answer will be higher than their answer to the first question.

    You can also use this when negotiating a percentage of profits with a JV partner, or writing articles for someone, or doing a site for someone, etc.

    Anyway, that is my tip.

    Oh yeah one more thing.

    A partner and I done this with an investment property we were selling and our price (this was about a year and a half ago) was about 10% above anything else selling in our neighborhood.

    We made our offer of $850,000 and the other person rejected it immediately. They wanted to buy our house for $around $710,000 So we asked them, "How close can you get?"

    We ended up selling it to them for "$790,000

    So just asking that question made us $80,000.

    So there you guys go.


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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
      Originally Posted by Michael Oksa View Post

      Don't be afraid of failure, be afraid of never trying.
      Originally Posted by WinsonYeung View Post

      I like this quote, did you think that yourself ?
      Hi Winson,

      Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

      Yes, I made it up as I was trying to think of something that was a single tip that could help people make more and do better in just about any situation.

      Thanks again,

      "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    Looks like we'll be finding out who the winner is - pretty soon.

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  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    Heeeeeeeey it's the 28th!!!!!! Who's the winner, who's the winner??!?!

    siggy taking a break...

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    • Profile picture of the author AffiliateMax
      inappropriate message - deleted by moderator
      UK Affiliate Programs : Recommended UK affiliate programs and networks.
      Kiva.org : Support an entrepreneur and change lives!
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    No one won then?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jekiko
    So who won ?

    Is it not announced here ?
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  • Profile picture of the author Asher
    Originally Posted by kellyfish View Post

    Stand at the changi airport reception counter and wear only G STRING or BRA...

    I AM sure later the news reporter media people will come and interview you...

    the power of media advertising..is super GOOD....

    just joking
    If you looked like your avatar and you stand anywhere
    public in just those, I'm pretty sure you'll be getting
    some attention too.

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  • Profile picture of the author alvinhuang
    Sorry people. Been preparing for my product launch. Hence was away for a while. Will post the winner within the next few hours. =)

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

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  • Profile picture of the author candoit2
    Originally Posted by alvinhuang View Post

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since any cash prize was offered this way. So let's keep this short and simple. =)

    If you have a killer tip that can help others make money online, or make MORE money online. Post it here and you might just walk away $100 richer. Your tip can be as long and detailed as you want it to be, or even short and sweet. The key importance is that its actionable and useful.

    I'll pick a winner next friday, 27th Feb 10pm EST and the person will walk away with an extra $100 in his/her paypal account. =)

    Yours Truly,
    Alvin Huang

    My tip is to not be afraid to test out your own ideas and be different.(Once you got the basics down)

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    • Profile picture of the author philleep
      don't make a decision without giving a try , because you may be wrong
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      • Profile picture of the author Wah Bhatti
        late comer so i cant win anyway

        compile this thead into a fee report

        look at the best tactics and jv with them
        stuff the report with youy affliate links

        use some of the promo tecknikes that suite your skill level
        that are outlined in the thread

        spell check my post as i cant spell

        then you should have a nice product

        create you sales funnel
        "You can get anything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want." -Zig Ziglar
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    • Profile picture of the author bhevs
      I agree, it's better if you know each other because you can have a nice communication and not being shy in telling your suggestions. I guess you all won, because you all have a point and great tips. Cool.
      It's Time You Discovered new jersey chiropractor marketing The goal of the Directory is to introduce the people of New Jersey to the Chiropractic community.
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  • Profile picture of the author alvinhuang
    Hi all,

    So sorry for the late reply. Have been real busy with a launch and hence forgot about this. My sincere apologies.

    So here's the top 3 killer tips in my opinion (no hard feelings people). Only the warrior with the top tip gets the $100 though. Just dropped you a PM entrepenerd for your paypal email address. =)

    1. entrepenerd

    I feel its worthy because not many people leverage off using wordpress MU to launch wordpress websites fast. It's really something everyone should look into, especially since you can venture into various niches and into whichever revenue model suits you. Eg. adsense, listbuilding to promote affiliate products etc.

    2. Asher

    Nice blueprint for driving traffic. Though more details would have made it killer. =)

    3. Michael Lee

    Your technique was something that you taught me when we did a JV. Real good for increasing sales conversions. =)

    Alvin Huang

    Happy Cool Hand Luke?

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[595309].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author entrepenerd
    Proud to be #1, but just really glad that the tip was well received. Hopefully at least one other person will go out and make good use of it. Thanks Alvin for hosting the contest. There were a lot of great tips given out that I hope will prove profitable for someone.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[595495].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author DavidTheMavin
    Congrats entrepenerd.

    One thing to be noted about WPMU however, is don't use it if you have multiple themes and ever plan on switching to Drupal or anther software with more functionality in the future. I also wouldn't recommend any WP branch for e-commerce, but that's just me.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Atkins
    Looks like I missed this lol. Very nice and generous post Alvin. I really like posts like this one.
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    • Profile picture of the author SarahMcHarry
      Congratulations, entrepenerd!

      What are you going to spend the $100 on?

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  • Profile picture of the author Charan Saini
    Hi Alvin,

    To be focused on helping people is fulfilling , I think people will buy anything that will improve their lives. Do your survey, discover your niche, and you will sell and feel happy about it...
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  • Profile picture of the author forous
    Whatever you do build a list and get to know your list. Have a relationship with them. It is fun when you know them and they know you.

    For All Your Website Traffic Needs visit Easy Website Traffic Coaching!

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  • Profile picture of the author thinkrich
    I just wanted to say Thank You to Alvin for this and Thank You to ALL who offered their best tips.

    Congrats to the winner!

    It's marvellous what a monetary reward can inspire huh?

    That aside, I will be saving my best tips for another session.

    "If we did all the things that we were capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves"
    Thomas Edison
    "Astonish yourself - start today!" << Me :)

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