Youtube aff link in Description? Yes or No??

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I have made good money in the past from creating really crap spammy videos, with over 30 youtube accounts. I would fill each account with at least 10 similar videos, with different titles and descriptions. These videos were mostly slide shows made with Windows movie maker.
I always cloaked the Clickbank links with my own domains. It worked well for a while, and I made over $2000 some weeks. I started in 2008 and it worked well until last year. Then Youtube rapidly closed all of my accounts.

Ok I have realized my mistakes, and now after studying a great video course I have some great ideas about creating genuinely helpful videos that will hopefully add value to youtube, but I still will add affiliate links. This time I want my videos to last a long time, and I am being very care full about doing everything as ethically right as possible.

One thing I cant get an answer on is: Does it violate Youtubes Tos to place a cloaked aff link in the description box???
When I say cloaked, I mean cloaking the aff link using my own domain.

I have searched this topic and some say it violates and others say it doesnt.
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    It's a gray area. Don't be so blunt about it and don't create videos that have no content. The better the video is (less spammy) the less trouble you have to worry about.
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    If the YouTube TOS are not clear, it is hard to say. I agree with the poster who said to make sure the videos are value added. That will absolutely help.
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    If you made that much just with your affiliate links imagine how much you'd make if you sent them to a squeeze page first. Have a 7 day or so follow up sequence promoting the product. The extra effort would bring you much more sales and a list that you can promote to.

    Here's how I would do it- If I was you and wanted to make these YouTube videos quick I'd make the videos and keep them saved on my hard drive just in case YouTube does pull the plug on you. Use your links and redirect them to your hoplinks but have a short delay and track with Google Analytics. (think you need a delay of 3-5 seconds)

    Then when you're getting enough clicks to a certain link, switch the page with a squeeze page and start collecting the leads. You could even have the page redirect to the affiliate page once they opt-in.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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