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Just wanted to introduce myself as one of the newest members here on the forum I'm a longtime lurker who finally decided to 'take the plunge' and sign-up.

I am a small business owner and have been making my living in the Sales profession since I was a pimply faced 18 year old. I'm 100% self taught and am one of the top 'phone men' in the Country - if you need to sell something (anything), I'm your guy...ESPECIALLY if it can be sold over the telephone. Some of the many products/services I've peddled before, include; industrial chemicals, online & print advertising, memberships and donations.

As I 'd like to be of service to my new Warrior brothers & sisters, thought I'd share a few of my "Top Secret" weapons gleaned from almost 20 years in the Sales profession. **PLEASE NOTE: The following tips shouldn't be taken lightly. Rather, think of them as rare, highly prized golden nuggets, each capable of producing significant revenue. If you're in the sales game, try them out. Incorporate them into your psyche. THEY WORK. There will be many more to come in the future. Enjoy...

Golden Nugget #1

When speaking with any kind of professional (Attorney, Physician, etc.) in a sales situation, never, and I repeat NEVER, use their title when addressing them! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, A-L-W-A-Y-S use their first name. Why? Let's go to the drawing board and find out...

Bad Salesperson: "Good morning (Counselor/Doctor), I'm giving you a call today with something very interesting, indeed."

Good Salesperson: "Good morning Bob, I'm giving you a call today with something very interesting, indeed."

Did you catch it? Can you figure out why you should never address a professional prospect by title?? Here are the reasons...

* The moment they hear you mention their title, they're thinking SALESMAN. And more importantly, how in the heck he or she is going to get rid of you. Don't sound like a corny, canned Salesman. Sound like a person. You want to DISGUISE the fact you will be trying to sell them something very shortly, NOT call attention to it.

* Although some might argue that using a title is a sign of respect, based on making 10's of thousand of Sales calls over the years, I can strongly argue against that theory. You want to come across as a friend. A swell guy. It is a scientific fact that the sweetest sound to a person's ears is their own name. Use it. Often. It builds rapport on many levels very quickly - which is the main foundation in closing a sale.

* When calling someone by their professional title, you instantly elevate them to a power position. You automatically separate them from your playing field. You're no longer equal. Why give them the extra power?!?! You're already at a disadvantage for trying to separate them from their hard earned money. So, you want to remain their equal. On the same plane as them. Using their title is simply a reinforcing factor in the prospects mind that they are above you...when they are NOT.

P.S. - Apply all of the above to last names as well. N-E-V-E-R address a prospect by last name. Remember, you want to build rapport and level the playing field

Golden Nugget #2

When going for the close, the MAGIC NUMBER IS 3.

EVERY sales person should have three 'drops' when trying to close the deal. A 'drop' being an attempt. Here's how it works...

Bad Salesperson: "I can have it double boxed, labeled and shipped to you by Thursday. Fair enough, Bob?! Customer: "That won't work. I don't want or need your widgets." BS: "Okay, Bob, have a great day."

Good Salesperson: "I can have it double boxed, labeled and shipped to you by Thursday. Fair enough, Bob?!" Customer: "That won't work. I don't want or need your widgets." GS: "You know Bob, most of our new customers told us the same exact thing before testing our super duper widgets and seeing the savings with their own eyes. Can I make a suggestion and tell me if it's okay?" Customer: "Sure." GS: "I'll have production make you up what we call our Starter Special, which is just 150 widgets instead of the normal 200. This will allow to test the product in a small way before committing to something larger. All I ask in return is, once you see the savings, give me a call when you're ready to reorder. Okay, Bob?!?!"

Got that? It's the power of repetition. You're zapping away at all of their objections and offering them a more enticing and convenient option with each drop. Sooner or later, they break. And you make the sale.

A no isn't a no. Not until after three attempts by you, the salesperson, to drop the prospect. You can drop a customer by offering a lower price, smaller quantity, a premium, quicker shipping, etc., etc., etc. Virtually anything. But, remember...

Always have 3 drops. However...

You must answer their objection first with a rebuttal...whatever their objection is, BEFORE dropping them. This is crucial. Re-read the example above. The cycle is: answer their objection, drop, answer their objection, drop & answer their objection, drop. 3 times. If they still won't purchase from you after the 3 attempts, schedule a call-back with them in the future, or, throw their information in the waste basket

Golden Nugget #3

Leaving voicemail messages is a killer for most salespeople. In short, 99% of them suck at it. Why? They have what I like to call, 'diarrhea of the mouth'. In case you haven't heard, that's a common - but deadly - disease in which a salesperson doesn't know when to SHUT UP. They leave a long, rambling message giving away too much information. Thereby signaling with a neon red flag that they are trying to sell something. DON'T DO THIS. Never. The ONLY goal of leaving a message is to get a call back from a prospect. Period. So, always, always, always be as vague as possible when leaving a VM. But don't lie. Here's an example...

After spotting an Attorney's ad on Google's paid search, a salesperson attempts to reach this prospect and leaves a VM.

Bad Salesperson: "Hi, Counselor, I'm with ABC Corporation and I'd like to get 5 minutes of your time when you're available to show you how I can help save thousands on your car...blah, blah, blah."

Good Salesperson: "Hi, Bob, I came across your ad on Google. I see you handle Divorces. If you can give me a call back at (555)-555-5555 I'd appreciate it. My name is Rick."

Who do you think is most likely to get a callback from Mr. Attorney? If you said Good Salesperson, you're sharper than OJ's knife collection. You want to blend in, remember Golden Nugget #1? You DON'T want to scream salesperson. When the Attorney listens to his messages, the Good Salesperson sounds a LOT like a potential new client, huh? That's the point Just make sure to reference the Attorney handling Divorces in your pitch though, since you mentioned that on the message. So, to re-cap...

When leaving VM's, the shorter and more vague your message, the better. This tip alone can double or even triple your call-back ratio.

That's all for now kiddies...

Peace Out
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