10 Ways to Make Money OFFLINE, in 2009

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Here is a quick reference list for all of you who aspire to make money with one of the many offline opportunities out there:

10 Ways to Make Money Offline in 2009

1. Offer your web design services (Anything from a basic one page site to a major web development project)

You can charge anywhere from $300 for a basic website (1-3 pages, links, pictures, menu) to $2,000++ depending on the functions that the website will need to perform.

2. Offer basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to local businesses

3. Offer more in depth SEO services to local businesses and/or international businesses

4. Offer graphic design services, logo creation, etc.

5. Offer article marketing services to offline local businesses

6. Offer blog creation services for local businesses

7. Offer lead generation services

8. Offer copy writing services to businesses for their website

9. Set up autoresponders for local business websites

10. Tutor offline business owners in the areas of:

- Web design
- Using the internet
- Internet Marketing
- Article Marketing
- Blogging
- Etc.

Any of the above services can be outsourced (even the tutoring), either on the Warrior Forum, Elance.com or any freelance service site that you know and trust.

I'd love to hear more suggestions, methods, techniques, etc. from fellow Warriors so please feel free to add some!

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    Here's a tip I heard about awhile ago that could certainly help you make some money offline if you were inclined:

    Host a class to teach people how to buy and sell on eBay. You would want to cater to people with little or no computer/online experience, because those people who would need the most help signing-up, etc.

    Create a simple website with a link to the eBay sign-up form, and list all the eBay major categories in a way that it's easy for these people to start their search for stuff to buy. Remember, you're creating this site to make it easier for them to get started and hopefully, they will use it as a starting point when searching eBay from home. Every link on your page will be an eBay affiliate link. When they use your site from home, your tracking cookie is set on their computer and you get commissions on everything they buy, for up to 30 days (I believe).

    Walk the user's through creating their eBay accounts using the link on your website. Right away, you'll get an ACRU (Active Confirmed Registered User) that pays $1-50 for each person in your class. Show them how to search eBay for different kinds of products to buy first, so they get excited about buying more than selling.

    Give them the URL to your website on a business card or other printed materials so they will use your site as a starting point and help other friends and relatives register for eBay using your affiliate link.

    In a nutshell, you'll collect a small fee for teaching people how to buy and sell on eBay and will collect commissions for new user sign-ups and any thing they buy until the tracking cookie expires.
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    Thanks for that. I will bookmark this and get into it in more detail as I never really thought about doing IM offline

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    a great way to get some cash and leads is to run a seminar on a IM topic e.g getting your bussiness listed on google maps.

    the trick is to charge for entry, not only will this cover expenses (e.g room rental) it will also make a high percentage of your custermers qualified leads (they will be open to further work you can do for them

    hey everyone
    feel free to give me a PM, even if its just to say hi. i always reply back, accept freind requests ect.

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    I've done most of these over years as a consultant. This year my focus is product creation. I got tired of clients not paying or complaining about something. So this year I decided it's time to create an automated product that can be sold online...

    I'll keep you posted when I'm ready to launch.
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