A lil help for all Securing your Wordpress especially Non Techy and New Peeps

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Hi Guys

Well as you know by now I tend to try and contribute to WF as best I can when I can.

Basically for a lot of us our sites are our lives and so securing as best as possible is our jobs but I tell ya the technical aspect of it is very daunting especially for newbies I know not everyone will have the bravery to tamper with anything on their site especially when the outcome is unknown THE FEAR of the unknown is great when it comes to our sites.

From my understanding Bulletproof security is an ideal one fix solution but thing is its soooo confusing and no one seems to have a simple guide to it so like I said in an earlier post

''Its kinda like having a fighter jet to take you to the mall it would be awesome if you knew how to use it''.

So I took a week out to try and tackle the issue and came across the simplest videos and plugins to help secure wordpress and at least get you a 107/115 in security.

Even with all this tampering the one thing I couldn't find an easy confidence inspiring walk-through for was the database prefix change AFTER youve already INSTALLED WORDPRESS cos for most of us its just a case of click and install worpress at the start.

Even though all the articles were saying the same thing the actual methods were so varied and confusing that I just said the risk is too great on this one aspect (and there's no copy all to clipboard and back up just in case it goes wrong for tables)

So here it goes the simplest guide to follow on protecting your wordpress.

Get this Plugin FIRST: and then scan ''Ultimate Security Checker''

Infact get all the scanners mentioned first and use em

Exploit Scanner
BAW More Secure Login (this one is awesome when you see how it works)
Better WP Security
Lockdown WordPress Admin
Protect Wordpress form Hacker
Secure WordPress
Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin
TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)
TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner
WebsiteDefender WordPress Security
WP Security Scan

Now do all the scans etc

Next use these videos
Protect Your WordPress Directories

Changing the Default Username in WordPress

Hardening Your Site's URL

Protecting the WP-Config.php file in WordPress

Protecting the .htaccess File

EASY Change the Database Table Prefix BUT ONLY FOR B4 INSTALLATION this Useful if you know how to install manually

NOW Get these 2 very last After everything else
AskApache Password Protect (it still seems to protect when activated even if not configured)

Wordpress Firewall 2

These 2 are kinda like Gatekeepers nothing gets in or out when they are activated I mean seriously you have to deactivate them to even update plugins so don't get alarmed if anything seems like its not working properly just deactivate both everytime you log into dashboard and re-activate before you log out

For the Backup I found these to be simple to use as my host doesnt allow DB manager or anything that stores on the host:

Online Backup for WordPress

Also you can read these they were useful to me in this process

20 Tips to increase Wordpress Security | Digitalquill - My Life and Times

11 Ways To Secure Your WordPress Blog


WordPress Security: How to Fix Your Site if it is Hacked | WealthyDragon


Now if someone will tell us a very easy prefix change method or a surefire way to use Bullet proof security that would defo make things very very secure.

But till then hope these pointers help everyone protect their moneymakers.
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