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There is a rather popular service that allows unlimited submission for a monthly fee (was it $99/mo?) to a nice list of 200-300 sites and feeds including online radio and tv website
Looking for advice.
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    please tell us the name of site, as i know nobody can provide unlimited press release for $99/m
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    Originally Posted by Alyona The Publicist View Post

    If this is your first press release, I suggest you buy only a service that guarantees inclusion in otherwise there are hundreds of services that promise inclusion to lots of sites but most of them are crap.

    With online press releases if you manage to make it in then you will achieve success otherwise forget it and put your money to better use...
    Any particular service particular that you can recommend?
    Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow
    NEEDED: virtual assistant (VA)
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    Majority of the good press release site are no follow, however there is a huge chance of having your article syndicated. You really need a good press release distribution service to do the job efficiently.
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    "Unlimited" press releases. LOL.

    Sounds worthless.
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      Originally Posted by mosthost View Post

      "Unlimited" press releases. LOL.

      Sounds worthless.
      Agreed. I see "unlimited" and I think that the service if for low quality work that will get exactly zero exposure.
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        I agree with getting in Goolge news. If this is
        your first press release, I would have some one
        write it for you.

        You can learn to do them later. Study the one
        you have written. Model it.
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    Great thread and advice, especially from Alyona The Publicisit. Thanks!

    I have had trouble with getting a good press release in the past.

    Might be cheeky to ask, but whilst this thread is building, does anyone have an example of a good Press Release they could share with the WF so that we can model it as per All Night Cafe's suggestion?

    Or some links, good tutorials etc?

    Thanks and all the best,
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    You should consider Prweb. Cost about $90 tho for distribution.

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    IF you email me aiza.avupre77@gmail.. I can send you some samples.. I write prs for clients all the time.. or you can skype me aiza.ayers1 I will give you some pointers.
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    Hey Alyona,

    Who do you use for $20?
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