What is the one thing that increased your conversion rate for article marketing?

by Brad Spencer 3 replies
Hey Warriors,

I'm testing some new resource boxes on my articles and I wanted to inquire about what has worked for all of you?

Hopefully this post becomes a bit of a resource post for people wanting to increase conversion rates on article marketing and also increasing conversion rates in general!


Brad Spencer
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    I think the most important thing is to do good keyword research before writing your articles. If you pick good keywords that get a lot of searches and you rank well in the search engines, you will continue to make a lot of money. A good call to action is important too....but only if your article gets seen. You can write an AWESOME article with a great conversion rate, but if the article only gets one view each month, that's not that great. First I want to focus on keywords, and then on the actual parts of the article.
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      I have to agree that you absolutely have to do some good keyword research.
      You can use the free tool from word tracker to see how many times a keyword gets searched for in a day. If the keyword gets searched alot. Then you go to google.com and type that keyword in the search bar in between quotation marks. That will show you how many websites are competing for that keyword. If you can find a keyword phrase that has alot of searches and few sites competing for it. write your articles around that keyword phrase and you will get ranked high for sure.
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