Do You Read Aweber Tutorial Broadcasts? They Are Very Helpful

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Hi Warriors,

Last year, after using Aweber from 2005,
I tried out more advanced shopping cart for
advanced segmentation.

Well, after a while, I realized I was over-
complicating the structure of my email
campaign and decided to return to Aweber
last month.

I don't know if Aweber sends these broadcasts
now to everyone or to new sign ups only or
maybe in the past, I just didn't pay attention.

But I have been really impressed with all their
well-written tutorials on what I believe to be
the most element of our business - email

I liked a few of their recent broadcasts
and thought it would be cool to share!

I read things like...

Email Marketing Guide - Segmenting Your Subscribers
This has been my area of focus so I thought
I knew it well, but I was only doing it "my way" and
now realize I could do it more effectively. Now I
segment based on "who clicked" and didn't or
things I never thought about trying.

SCOUT Email Stats
This one goes along with the segmentation guide
I mentioned above and goes deeper into using
stats and reports Aweber provides. I'm going to
print this one off and keep them for my reference.
Do you need to strengthen call to action? What's
the best thing to do after getting unsubscribed etc.

Case Study Articles
I need to read this one more. These are case
studies with companies that can do email marketing
in large scale so the data represent compelling
test results.

Email A/B Test Results
Speaking of testing, Aweber linked to this
third party website that showed interesting
test results. I wanted guess correctly, and
glad I was right after clicking more effective
email campaign, but could you guess it correctly?

Last But Not Least... about Social Media

Okay, I admit, I don't experiment enough with
social media. I know in WSO, people are
talking about Pinterest this or Facebook Timeline...
and I feel "behind" in time when it comes to this

So I needed to find someone to bring me up to
speed -- so I turned to Aweber.

4 Ways to Build Your Email List With Facebook Timeline
I believe this pertains to more Fan Pages, but I
recently paid for a webinar and that covered
about the same stuff I could learn in this article.

Google + and Email Marketing Podcast: The Remix
I don't know NOTHING about Google + so I listened
to this podcast several times. Three people at
Aweber predict how Google+ might change the
email marketing scene. I liked it, I want more.

About a week ago, I was saying... "What's Pinterest?"
Then a social marketing expert friend of mine
told me to study more so I began my quest and
this was my first introduction to Pinterest.
I didn't even know Aweber guys had YouTube Channel.
They are very informative.

How to Market Your Business with Pinterest Ebook
After you watch the YouTube link, you might
want to download this helpful guide. I appreciate
how Aweber puts together these little ebooks.
Easy to read and great looking guide -- something
I'd like to implement on my own.

So there you have the latest of their broadcasts. You
might find them helpful like I did, you might not.

But I wanted to share these with Warriors. I hope
you'll find them helpful, too!
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