Subdomain traffic and main domian traffic,Google Does not care

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I am new here and want to get some realy advice that i currently have.

I bought magnet4power dot com 40 days ago.At that time,this website does not get any google traffic.When I typed major keywords, there come up a website "magnet4power dot gianweb dot com/". Then I asked the previous owner what's happening.He told me that is an affiliate site,he didnot know what happen.

Then I hired one seo expert and do some real hard work in one month.I checked their work carefully,and make sure that they did not do any black seo.After several days the expert did seo,magnet4power dot com rank high again for major kewyords,and "" disappeared.

The problem is ,10 days ago,my site"www dot magnet4power dot com" google traffic downed to zero without any reasons,and "" again goes to the positions that my site ever ranked.

I wrote several letters to google and ask them,google did not reply me.
Can anybody know what happen with this issue?Now,my site gets zero traffic,and I checked,that "magnet4power dot gianweb dot com/ is not my affiliate at all,and they did not bring any revenue to me.
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