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I have been brain storming for new business idea for a while now (I keep jump from one idea to another).

Currently, I am considering opening my own SEO Company (This idea is more stable lol) and provide my service online and hire few other SEO Assistance since I have a good experience in this area.

I do all the SEO Work manually and my intention is the same for the VA who will be working for me (I have already two been working with me on my other sites)

I would like to know your thought, as one of my concerns is the competition. Many people are jumping into SEO with blackhat methods and I certainly concern as I can't provide their rates or even close.

I would highly appreciate your thoughts in this one, I also would like to ask what is considered a fair price for an organic SEO service.
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    Don't worry about blackhat competition. I'm no SEO expert, but I'm sure Google are starting to flush those websites out of the search engine rankings.

    As for price, I'd say look at what other people are charging for a similar service for yours. I recommend you start off cheaper than your competition, this will attract more customers, and subsequently, more testimonials.

    As you build up the amount of testimonials you get and become more trusted, you can start to bump the price up.

    I hope this helps a little. Please note I'm not by any means an SEO expert.
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    You have to get some testimonials from some where no matter what price you charge.

    Once you get good results for some customers then you have to try and make sure that you do not get many bad reviews.

    Make sure you can rank the keyword before you say that you can and you should be okay.
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      Google is slowly going to put down all the 'cheap' black hat methods, they don't like that and they started fighting them with Panda. I'm actually following this steps and I'll be offering an all in one super quality MANUAL backlinking. The value of cheap backlinks are decreasing more and more .

      The problem is new people to SEO don't understand the difference about paying 10$ for 20k blast over 10$ for some high PR backlinks, they still watch numbers but after few times they are forced to learn.

      So my thought is , if you are sure you can offer quality go for it.

      Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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    Be different in your pricing structure. Do note that the key in quality SEO is in the diversity of backlinks and the backlink structure. If you can provide such a service in a manual way then you would probably get a lot of interested folks.. Then again, are you prepared to invest loads of time and paying your assistants?

    So my advice would be that you should calculate the cost for yourself and then you can see what can charge your potential customers. Then aks yourself if you would pay such an amount for a service like yours.
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