What do you do to motivate yourself after failing over and over again?

by Gerald Arno Banned
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How often did you aim to accomplish something but failed miserably?

I think one of most frequent problems with internet marketing newbies and failures are unrealistic expectations and a lack of belief.

Most people expect high ROI with very little till no input.

At the same time, those people with unrealistic expectations lack confidence that they can persist and compete.

Where are you in your business right now?
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    What keeps me going is the passion and believe i have for marketing and i know i will make it online with hard work.
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      I've learned that it's much easier to stay motivated if I regard any "failures" as a learning experience - anything we can learn from isn't really a failure. That mental shift, or "reframing", works wonders! (And that applies to all areas of life, not just business. )
      If you don't face your fears, the only thing you'll ever see is what's in your comfort zone. ~Anne McClain, astronaut
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    Trial and error! Learn from your mistakes and try again!
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      I always ask myself first, "What am I doing wrong?", then reasses the situation.

      Will usually try different things.

      You know the old saying, the definition of insanity is doing the same things the same way over and over again, and expecting a different result every time.

      It's like A/B Split Testing, just change one variable at a time & see what changes come about.

      Good in theory, but in reality, I can be quite impatient, so might change a few things at a time...

      Have you ever heard of the Gordian knot? :rolleyes:
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  • LOL!!

    The Donald Trump video = good one!
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  • Originally Posted by londonwarrior View Post

    I think what most people need is to realise that they have to put the work in and stop thinking they can get money for nothing. Then buildup your income over time. I think it's hard to be motivated if you jump from one get quick rich scheme to another. Took me a few years to gain real success. You have to learn from your mistakes and no hang onto something that doesn't work.
    This line of work is no different than any other. When I first started out online, I literally could not figure out anything. I jumped from one thing to another until one thing finally stuck.

    And then I stayed with it.

    So...I guess my answer is, in the short term, to find what works for you. That's how you stop failing short term and motivate yourself to get back up again.

    Long term...I'd say keep doing what works and get better and better.

    This is not an easy career choice...but it's well worth it!
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    I learn from my mistakes and failures. I don't give up that easily.
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    Think about all the great benefits you'll get if you make this IM thing work. Write them down on a piece of paper.

    You won't be dependent on anybody if you succeed. Nobody will be able to tell you that your work results suck. You will determine if the results satisfy you or you want to change them.

    There are so many benefits of having a business, especially, if it runs almost on its own like clockwork.

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    Haha, great topic Gerald! I'll take a break, reassess my dreams, and somewhere inbetween flip a couple of houses to release some stress. All the best!
    "Take Inspired Action!"
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    When I first started, I failed constantly. Certainly, in part, it was because I had no clue and everything was learned through reading, trial, and error.

    The real problem was that I was so focused on making sales and money instead of on building the best whatever it was I was working on. I ran through the "find keyword, write content, publish, promote" cycle so many times and just couldn't get any sales.

    Only when my goal switched to focusing on the end user of what I was creating did I see things really change. My business hasn't stopped growing ever since.

    Helps, too, to have three hungry boys and a husband who rely on what I make to keep them safe, fed, and clothed. That's some serious motivation for continuing to move forward despite any obstacles.
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      Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post

      Only when my goal switched to focusing on the end user of what I was creating did I see things really change. My business hasn't stopped growing ever since.
      Thank you Erica!

      IMO, this is a fantastic piece of advice for anybody who is struggling online. They should read and re-read this several times, then set out to accomplish it.

      If you manage to accomplish this with your websites, then you are well on your way to success.
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    Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will succeed no matter what.

    Act as though it were impossible to fail.

    Zig Ziglar said that action brings motivation and not the other way around,
    and motivation brings energy. Take action.
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      When you are down and failing, it is easy for despair and frustration to come in. But keeping a distance from these negative emotions, you will see that it's part of the process. If this business is easy, too easy that you can make a million in just a matter of month's work, then everybody in the world will surely jump on the bandwagon. But it's not, definitely. It's a lot of work and a lot of frustration comes along with it too. It will make it easier it you keep a mindset that you choose this and you have to do this anyway.

      Most of times, it is good to treat this as a challenge or a child's play. You do it because you want to do it.... The only thing that mess up this play is when it's time to pay the bills and with no enough incoming revenue things get complicated. But surely, you know you're doing great because you can still get up the next morning doing the stuff.
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    Originally Posted by TheBlogger View Post

    This thread reminds me of...

    Donald Trump: The 7up Story - YouTube

    Funny story but it's true.
    Donald Trump would not be the best example as he had already inherited his father's wealth.
    Time of thinking is over.
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      It's not true about Donald. He has filed bankcruptcy once in the past. He is a tough player but you know I don't respect him. I've seen him played golf with his people and he uses his "position" to leverage his games and was a sore loser. Sportmanship is everything to me. win or lose you do the right thing because it's the right thing.

      For me personally I motivate beyond looses because it's in my blood. It's something that I love .. Internet Marketing. So I will get up even I fail many times. I just "know" I will make it ...this I can't really explain.
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      Originally Posted by TheBlogger View Post

      That's a fair point, though he has proved to be a pretty good businessman.
      Pretty good businessman? When did you form this opinion? Was it before or after his fourth bankruptcy in 2011?
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    When I felt dejected due to failure, I would drive down to the other end of town. There's a lamborghini dealership there. I would park my car, get out, and just stare through the windows, looking at all those amazing cars for about 20 minutes.

    It always got me super motivated to keep pushing forward.

    Believe me, Ive been to that dealership a few times. One day, hopefully I might go there for a different reason.

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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      Believe me, Ive been to that dealership a few times. One day, hopefully I might go there for a different reason.
      Better share the pic when you do!

      Which reminds me of a post here a long time ago that mentioned putting a picture of something motivating to you on your computer desktop background. Every time you log in to work, you'll be reminded of why you're working so hard.
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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      When I felt dejected due to failure, I would drive down to the other end of town. There's a lamborghini dealership there. I would park my car, get out, and just stare through the windows, looking at all those amazing cars for about 20 minutes.

      It always got me super motivated to keep pushing forward.

      Believe me, Ive been to that dealership a few times. One day, hopefully I might go there for a different reason.
      One day you will be able to buy one of those. You might even pay CASH for it. You never know.
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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      When I felt dejected due to failure, I would drive down to the other end of town. There's a lamborghini dealership there. I would park my car, get out, and just stare through the windows, looking at all those amazing cars for about 20 minutes.

      It always got me super motivated to keep pushing forward.

      Believe me, Ive been to that dealership a few times. One day, hopefully I might go there for a different reason.
      I love to hear that.

      This is a great way on how to in break negative thinking patterns.

      As long as you are hungry and the vision is big enough, you will continue to keep going.

      I most certainly advice visualizing every day.
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        Hey Gerald!

        Nice to see you again ,Mate!

        I try to be like the energizer bunny, Just keep going and going and going.....

        Wanted to throw in the towel at least every other day and still do:p

        Persistence, Patience, and being able to dust myself off keeps me motivated.
        If I can recover from my wifes merciless onslaughts, I can survive anything.......
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    There's no such thing as a failure, if you've planned everything well.

    But if you went through a failure and have not gained a single insight... Then consider it a HUGE failure. All "failures" are lessons. Most failures should have been planned and considered at the very start of any strategy, if not you're just stumbling in the dark.

    It's like chess (which I adore).

    You can lose a set, but you can turn it around by learning what made you lose. You can lose a pawn even deliberately, and turn the game around for a greater move.

    BUT... If you keep having the same kind of failure from the same cause, you need to revise your whole strategy.

    What can you learn from this mistake? How can you leverage this mistake to bolster yourself higher?

    Signed, Chloe C Kimberley

    "If you're making good money with SEO/PPC/product creation, I'll be willing to offer copywriting assistance to you so that I can learn from you."

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    Never quit!


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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      Never quit!

      Awesome!!! that's what happens with 90% of the newbies
      So Really never stop.
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      I love this. Especially because I am just starting out. This is a great, motivating thread.
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    John, that is a great motivational pic.

    What kept me in when I started back in 2002 and struggled for like 5 years was the fact that I knew that people were doing really well online and were making it full time. I knew that if they can do it, so can I.

    Plus, there is no such thing as FAILURE. There are only temporary setbacks.
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    I keep trying only because not trying would mean I've failed. Oπtimism remains within me, though sometimes I wonder why it hasn't all been used up by now.
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      I don't have to try to stay motivated. It is just not in me to quit.

      I've tried business after business, year after year. Most of them went nowhere. And not just nowhere, but really nowhere, with an exclamation point. I still have a number of businesses that lose money every month, but I work on them and gradually improve them the best I can.

      And even some of those projects that had limited success hit some big roadblocks along the way. For instance a few years ago I invested several hundred thousand dollars into land development. And with only half of it sold the real estate market crashed. So now I wait another 10 or 20 years until it's time to sell the rest.

      But one or two things I tried, against the odds, did finally work out. I worked on one project steadily for over 12 years, without a penny of income and many expenses. It ended off paying quite well, and now I don't have to worry about money.

      By the way, of all the things I tried, my most successful project is the one that does most for other people. And that is the thing that is sadly missing from a lot of threads on this board.

      It is seldom that money motivation alone will lead to long term success. Take a look around and you will see that service to others and production of items of value are the surest ways to fulfillment and success.

      And what about "how do I make money quick"? That almost always goes nowhere.
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    I've tried so many approaches and found a few that work for me. What continually surprises me is that 2 people can do the same thing and one succeeds and another will fail. The only thing that's constant is the mindset of those who succeed. That is, they keep on going until they make it.
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    Good thread. I've been doing IM for a year now and It can most definitely be the most frustrating, hardest, exhausting career to pursue....but every now and then you need to sit back and think of the BIG picture..the dreams, the freedom, YOUR DESIRES. That is what gets me through tough times.

    I'm into Kindle Publishing at the moment, and I still am pretty much in the testing period with my ebooks still, even after a couple of months..but hey, things are looking good.

    My advice for those in a rut at the moment is to find a business model that you enjoy and one that your current resources (financial, time, knowledge, etc) can support. If you work like that, things will work hand in hand for you.

    - Dan J
    Email Copywriter For Established Info Marketers
    I write emails people look forward to reading, clicking and buying from. To learn more, click here.
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    I have learned from the failure....Just try again and again.
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    During my beginning time i always tried to invest as less as possible. And that was my napkin to wipe my tears during failure
    I always told my mind that We have lost a very small amount of money so not a big deal.... Cheer up dude
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    And when ever you feel like quitting, watch this video:

    Facing the Giants - YouTube

    I love that video with PASSION.
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    The desire to gain freedom is what keeps me going
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    I like to think that as long as I work on something, I will definitely reach my goal. To me it's a matter of time I reach my goal. I would also visualize my success frequently and this technique has brought success to me.

    You are what how you think. If you let your self limiting belief control you then you will be controlled but if you can turn every negative thoughts into positive ones, you will achieve success. Guaranteed!

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    You don't want to do any thing to motivate yourself only if your objectives are strong. Subconscious mind does it for you.

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      When I start doubting myself, my business model, my practice, my abilities or my faith in success - I think about the people in my life I admire.

      I admire my brother. He did not do well at school. We had some difficulties in our childhood. But he worked hard as soon as he left school. My brothers wife was killed when she was 29, he has picked himself up and has an amazingly successful business. He has had numerous set backs and had to practically start again. He never gives up and has never ever felt sorry for himself. He has one of those minds that just seems to know where to target his energy. He focuses on success and doesn't allow himself to think about failure. If things don't go well, he works out what to do to improve them. His motivation is his children. His eldest children whose mum died, are also people I admire, they are so determined and really wonderful people.

      My mother has worked like a trojan her whole life, she is a fantastic supporter in every member of her family and has instilled in me a belief that I can and should always do what I WANT to do. She has run pubs which is back breaking work, she's at last retired but has some annoying 'wobbly' disease, she wont however let that ruin her life and she will not feel sorry for herself either.

      My eldest son hates violence but was horrifically stabbed (5 times in the back) a few years ago, just a couple of weeks after his 21st birthday. He was out with some friends in the town and they'd just left a nightclub and were heading home. My son was being a good samaritan and trying to help out a lad who was unconscious but still being attacked by a gang. My son survived physically but I was deeply concerned about the lasting mental affects. But my son is a born optimist, his mates were in such distress whilst they waited for the ambulance that he made jokes to encourage them to calm down - yet at the time he told me later, he had no idea how serious the injuries were and nor did the medics. He could have gone into deep depression and become agoraphobic, instead before his stitches were out he moved to London and started University and continued to entertain and make people laugh. He now has a successful job working in media meeting jolly famous people in the music industry on a daily basis.

      My daughter has dyslexia and dyscalcula (thats the wrong spelling lol) which meant she had to work harder than others to achieve her grades. She is intelligent, hilarious and is now a Junior School Teacher. She is their absolute favorite teacher as she is 'herself' aswell as an educator. She spends all her time coming up with innovative ways to teach the kids and is in tune with all those who have educational differences (pc phrase is special needs but I hate that). She has a laugh with her students, now they don't teach you how to do that or why that's so important at uni but she instinctively knows that the kids will want to learn because they enjoy their time at school. If one is a bit grumpy she sings 'turn that frown, up-side down...' and they cant help but laugh.

      So you can see, there are a lot of people around me who've had some struggles and pain but they are ongoing successes, I just look at them, think about how they think and then I get out of my pity pot and get on with it again!

      Laugh at yourself sometimes, laugh at how silly being negative is, and remember this 'if not you then who' - there is no-one out there with the gifts that you have to offer

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  • Sometimes I think it's easy for who is a winner dispensing advices and smiles, but the first thing I want to say is to be yourself and be patient. Things will come if we are ready to correct ourselves and be patient.

    I remember when I started this business, and it wasn't easy to start.
    From that day I got some problems, and nothing was easy.
    Now all works, and from this January I made internet marketing my unique work, leaving my other one.

    So be patient, buy just a few training and study and feel ready. Always.

    This is my personal way for success. May work or not work for all, but I hope it can help.

    See you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni
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    Excellent topic Gerald. I've found that failure can make you more creative and as you learn more from your mistakes you become a better person.

    I've become more successful over the years, but it has been a hard journey to get there for sure.

    Peace :-)

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    Originally Posted by GeraldGigerl View Post

    How often did you aim to accomplish something but failed miserably?

    I think one of most frequent problems with internet marketing newbies and failures are unrealistic expectations and a lack of belief.

    Most people expect high ROI with very little till no input.

    At the same time, those people with unrealistic expectations lack confidence that they can persist and compete.

    Where are you in your business right now?
    Try again... Thats the only way I am motivated.....

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    I love failure. Well, I guess I don't love it, but I love being able to know where my mistakes are. I use those mistakes to make my next projects even better. It helps me to know what to do if something goes wrong. What I do to motivate myself is make it a challenge. I am very very competitive and even if it's against myself I love to prove myself.

    Bored? Need a laugh? Find us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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    Wel I think if you are really passionate about something, you are never going to quit - which means you will suceed someday.
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    I don't think the biggest cause of failure is quitting. The biggest cause of failure is busting your hiney working some dopey plan that doesn't work in the first place.
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    When I first read the title to this thread my gut reply was to say .... a gun!

    I love a challenge that's what keep me motivated.... proving I can do something when told I couldn't do it! :-)
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    I love everyone's comments on this subject. Starting out is tough. Staying focused is tough. Failure is tough. I refuse to give up and I keep working every day.

    "Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit." -Edwin Louis Cole

    I have always had a positive attitude and I made the decision that my work is now on the internet. I will live from my sales on the internet. Positive mind set is so important.
    And A Dream! I will realize my dream.
    Getting too philosophical now!

    I want to mention this. I finally purchased WebFire 3 weeks ago and my ok business is now thriving. I have stuck to the tools religiously and guess what, they work. Please do yourselves a favor and check out WebFire.
    Look at it this way, you spend money on everything that is thrown at you in your email. Most of it is garbage. This is not. There are over 25 tools to get your sites ranking and getting steady traffic to your sites. I wish, I wish, I wish I would have know about this online software when I put up my first site. Golly, I hate to think how much I have spent on clickbank products that raise expectations, just to leave you disappointed.

    Please just check it out. You will be amazed.
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      what keeps me going, even after failure is the challenges, the adventures, and ability to grow and fullfill my dreams to the end.

      Click Here To Learn How To Generate Your First PayCheck Online!
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    So failure does not make me worry at all and the line inspire me is "I dont have any other way except success to survive".I had seen failures for 3 years in a row while I was a beginner trying making money online but after that things have been going under my way
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Franklin
    Read the reply that Robert Herjavec (from Shark Tank) gave to Question #3 at this link....It really says it all in terms of what you need to do to transcend failure:

    Questions For Robert Herjavec

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  • Profile picture of the author Anton Nadilo
    This is a great question and one that I have a non-typical answer for.

    You don't need to motivate yourself. If you have TRULY decided to succeed in whatever pursuit you are embarking and that goal or vision burn a hole in your head and heart 24/7 then failures are mere speed bumps along the way.

    Hey, I am not saying that failures don't affect us all however people that acheive success at MASSIVE levels are only affected by their failures for fleeting moments.

    There burning reason 'WHY" reignites there passion and they are on the way forward again.

    Most people struggle with motivation and focus quite simply becuase they have not yet created the burning/unwavering reason "WHY".

    I have seen this occur time and time again with my mentoring students and the results are so predictable and easy to spot the next success stories and superstars from the vast majority of wannabes or silver bullet chasers.
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  • Profile picture of the author webcheapservices
    I love internet marketing and i always move on it because i feel even if i failed i can improve my self and fix my mistakes and i feel internet marketing is my only option and the only thing i feel that i can be good on it,as i said just move forward and never look back
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    What keeps me going is the fact that everyday I learn something new. It took me a while to get organized and stop letting other things distract me from my daily goals. Once I setup goals for each day, my business really started to take off.
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    Get a coach!

    It's totally worth it to learn from other's mistake so I don't have to make the same mistake.

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    Well my first post as a Warrior newbee, very impressed with all these comments so far! Me too I am in this process, started IM 6 years ago had a website and sat back hoping for the $$ to roll in! Big mistake, it was not until I really studied IM and all the processes required for a successful Internet business did I realize how to pull things together. I make some money each month and learning fast how to make a living!
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    The biggest problem of internet business beginners face today is information over load. There are too much information floating around everyday, it make new internet market to loss focus jumping from one program to another. The secret to success is just to select what you are good at and give all you energy to it, dig for information.
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    In a nutshell:

    I motivate myself to use "positive language" and encourage my entourage to do the same. So, I try to keep away from negative conversation and negative words like "failure". Like many in this thread, I call it a "learning experience".

    I always try to set "smart" goals, and check twice if they're really smart or not. Smart means specific (S), measurable (M), attainable (A), realistic (R), time based -meaning it has a deadline- (T). That's probably from Tony Robbins. I don't know the source but all life coaches I know plan it like that.

    If something didn't go like planned, then I won't say "that's all, there's nothing more I can do". Instead I say "I'll look at other alternatives and see what more I can do".

    Visualizations work. Helping others for success, too. You know, karma!
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    Without people failing there would be no such thing as fail blog. lol.

    Seriously, ive failed at almost everything in terms of money. BUt nothing beats the experience.
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      Define failure please.
      === >>> Tomorrow Should Be Better Than Today

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      • Profile picture of the author Gerald Arno
        Originally Posted by azmanar View Post


        Define failure please.
        The best thing you can do in business is to get as many unique failures as possible in areas where you want to stand out.

        Online marketing grinders (failures) are people who are 5 years in online marketing and make $300 a month.

        Unintelligent failures are people who try to do everything by themselves because of EGO.

        People who ignore changes and lack discipline are failures.

        There is a very fine line between intelligent failures and unintelligent failures.
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    I like to come here and read peoples success stories. I'm getting better each day. Last week I made my first ebook sale, Amazon sale, and hit the Adsense threshold all in 1 week. I also look at people like the plenty of fish owner. If they made it so can I. It just may take me longer but someday I will make it. I've never quit anything in my life, and im not going to start now.
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    I don't fail - I simply learn how not to do things. I've considered coaching, but at the end of the day I want to be able to say I got there on my own.
    I've purchased WSOs in the past, but I'm at the point now where I stay away from them unless I need some information about a particular topic quickly (and usually I can find it by searching).
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    I think I'm in between. I know what I want to do with internet marketing. I have a complete website and I'm working hard every day to promote it but sometimes I get frustrated and the stress is overwhelming since I have a 9 to 5 job as well. However, I do feel my will to making my website work is like steel. I refuse to let it fail because I know I'm doing something that I love and I'm working very hard to make it successful. I've failed plenty of times in the past with IM and I think it's made me stronger since I haven't quit.

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    Smoke a bowl and come up with new ideas
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    Hey Gerald!

    Gerald here =). My biggest motivation is definitely to be successful in IM and give my family a better life.

    Failing at doing something will not stop me from being successful!

    All the best to you!

    Make UNLIMITED $10 Monthly Commissions on AUTOPILOT - Commission Miner Autopilot Income Member's Club

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    I think of edison.. They say he failed 10000 times for making a bulb or something
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    you know, i`ve been trying online business for about 15 months now, and i still haven`t achieved the desired success, but during my last week i realized that i shouldn`t have started this way, caz i started my business depending on so little information, i found out this just a week ago, i should have learnt well, i should have asked experienced, i should have listening or reading others opinions,,,,,, but any way i`m not sad nor depressed, because right now i can see myself learning new things everyday, and i`m full of hope that oneday i will succeed, caz i always believe that sometimes we may fail, sometimes we succeed and through severals trials, oneday we can do it. good luck for all friends
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      Proper planning prevents poor performance.

      I've helped 1723 businesses get more customers. If you want to be successful at your local, national, or international business visit http://bluesearchmarketing.com

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    What keeps us going is what you are able to achieve within the internet marketing community and a failure is something we can learn from and not make the same mistakes in the future.
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