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Hello everybody, my name is Ethan Poltrack & i have been working, studying and applying Internet marketing for a little over 3 years now... I saw this new ara coming and wanted to step in front of this billion dollar industry and help people out!

Supply and demand are my two favorite words now.... And I also have the mindset that I want to help people out by solving a specific problem they are having and try not to focus on the money!

it's been tough! I search and search for a magical solution but I just starting to realize that there is none. The solution is me doing the work!

My biggest obstacle is traffic! I have recently been involved with solo emails to grow my list and make some front end cash sales but once the money stops so does the traffic and to be honest, I don't have any money!

Correct me if Im wrong but I believe the true secret is search engine traffic and Im talking the organic kind?

Can somebody who has been successful shed a little more light for me and give me some encouragement please! Think I'm going to go watch a Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy video....
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    Hi Ethan!

    You're on the right track! Focusing on organic traffic is very important!

    Start doing some research on here and in the War Room about keyword research. Get comfortable with keyword research tools and pinpoint those keyword terms to start building your site around.

    Google still loves WordPress so look into setting up your content on a WordPress platform. So take some time learn WordPress as well

    Finally, backlinking is important. Keep in mind, that Google has laid the hammer down in terms of good backlinks and bad backlinks. Look into backlinks as well.

    I know I've generalized a lot but if I got into specifics, I'd be late for dinner and it's still morning over here!

    For now, just focus on optimizing your site with good keywords... Research!

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    When you get the traffic are you capturing the leads and building your list? You don't want to keep paying for them over and over, you want to make sure they become yours and you can then send them mail directly.

    Visit My website http://kipferguson.com

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      Iv only sent a couple of solo's and my CTR is around 36% with my free offer! and yes, I get a lot of signups and I understand that this is just a method of growing yourlist. I mean I could just do this and probably grow my business very well with just solo advertising. I spend a lot of time applying seo tactics and want to make sure im investing my time in the right spots. Iv hit first page a few different times and currently getting ranked and climbing with a couple of more but I just don't get the traffic! Maybe one day I'll wake up and check my Analytics account and see some traffic I can cheer about! The organic traffic I do get I have low bounce rate which is good.
      Working to achieve higher results...
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    How about optimizing your funnel better
    so with the same amount of traffic,
    you get more dollars per subscribers?

    For example, adding effective upsells,
    downsells, cross sells, affiliate promotions...

    The front-end sales can break even
    but the back-end bring in good profits if
    you can build a strong funnel.

    I wrote an ebook on this topic you're welcome
    to download, no need to opt-in.

    Once you can determine how
    well your funnel is converting your
    leads into dollars, then you can
    maximize your traffic.

    This might work for you if you're
    in a competitive niche because
    competitive traffic/leads cost
    more to acquire.
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