Tech or Health Niche? Which one to go for?

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I wanted to start an Authority site and I am confused whether to go for Technology Niche or Health Niche?

Could you please tell me which would be more profitable in near future for me?

The 2 questions are...

1) Tech niche or Health niche for Authority site project
2) Should I go for a general health site or target some health problem like "Acne" etc...And if its tech site should I do the same or general news?

So Please advise me what to do as I am confused...
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    Choosing a niche is totaling up to you decide.
    I choose niche that I will not give me too much
    stress while promoting or creating a product
    for and also learn more along the way.

    It is better to go for a sub niche than
    targeting a major niche.
    The sub niche will be easier for
    to get targeted buyers.

    Note: "Health" is not a niche.
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      Originally Posted by jvjoe View Post

      Note: "Health" is not a niche.
      Joe is correct. "Health" is too broad to be a niche, but then so is "Tech". There are so many aspects to each of these.

      Health could include fitness, weight loss, disease prevention, depression or a myriad of other things.

      Tech is so broad it can range from the latest programmable toasters to the latest flexible touchpads coming out in next-gen products, to nano-robots for microsurgery.

      You need to figure out what kind of authority site you want before you start building it. You don't put up a skyscraper without a good solid plan, right? You need to approach your business the same way. You'll be pouring a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it, so you want to have at least a chance of success.

      Neither WebMD, nor Cnet started out as a huge site, but look at them today. Decide what really interests you then get your plan and goals down in writing with a timeline for achieving them. That's the path to success.

      Want to know the fastest way to $10k per month? Free webinar shows how-

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    Health niche is the better I think. This is because of the fact that people are always searching for new diet plans and weight loss products across the globe. Keeping a slim body seems to be the order of the day.
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    Well, I am not a newbie. I have tried other low competition niches and it worked pretty well for me...I want to start an authority site for long term purpose as I have just been targetting short term kinda sites..

    I wanted something that would be bring be good money forever...I wont be relying on adsense ofcourse so clickbank, amazon..I will be trying all

    I need some more inputs...Please give me ur valuable suggestions
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    The answer ....


    Then ditch the one thats not moving.

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    You don't know which to go for and you say you're confused, so by what thought process did you arrive at wanting to build an 'authority site'?

    Is there one of these subjects you know enough about to qualify you as an authority?

    If not, and you're winging it, then my recommendation would be NOT to go for the health niche. You can do a lot of damage and get yourself in all kinds of legal trouble giving advice to people on matters of personal health.

    Try to drill down inside the tech industry and see if you can find something that's accessible at your level of skill and knowledge.
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    If you have to choose between one or the other, I would recommend health. It is an evergreen niche, which means you have a much greater potential to build and grow your site. If you focus on technology, it may be harder to stay up to date as trends quickly come and go.
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    If you have no interest in a niche then do not waste your time as you will get bored after a while

    Do something you enjoy and it will last
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    Health only works for weight loss. Tech has numerous products and that means you'll need to test them or do lots of searching for new tech on which to report. Whereas you could promote the same weight loss product forever.

    I promoted some things that would actually save peoples lives yet they didn't sell. Sick people want to stay sick on some weird subconscious level. Even face to face I've told very ill people of something that would cure them and has been proven to cure others; yet because it didn't come from a doctor they only pretended to be interested.

    Go with tech. It's more fun.
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      Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post

      Health only works for weight loss.
      Call me pedantic, but I can't help wondering, given my overall impressions of e-commerce in the 21st Century, whether there might not possibly be just the tiniest bijou little exaggerationette at play, there ...
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    I'd go for tech, less saturated these days.

    But, if your feeling lucky then why not try the health niche. Go for the one which you will be able to put out better content, because good content will get seen no matter what niche pretty much.

    Just think about it!
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    What is adsense policy on reviewing tech products, like samsung for example (since you are using a brand name)? If that type of thing is allowed, I'd go with tech and write up 500-750 word review articles all day
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