Which email provider is best for huge single opt-in lists?

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Hi folks.

I'm wondering if anyone here operates multiple single opt-in email lists with 100,000++ subscribers each and, if so, could you recommend me a suitable list hosting provider.

I've checked the usual suspects like aweber and constant contact and from what I see on their price lists the fees would be prohibitive.

Or would we be better off going with our own self-hosted email list software?

I know you Warriors are the email list elite so any recommendations and advice you offer will be considerd seriously.

If you'd prefer not to reply directly in this post you can shoot me an email at eddy at eddycole dot com.


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    Have you looked at GetResponse.com? I'm not sure what their rates are but they are another provider.

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    Well when your list gets that big it may be time to think about an in house solution and getting setup with ISP whitelists.
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      Lists with 100,000++ subscribers needs a VPS or dedi. So get one from a good provider and install your own script.

      Some hosts need double opt-in lists just to be sure you are not sending spam. In that case you would need to double opt-in those subscribers.

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    Thanks for the input guys.

    jrailsback - I took a look at getresponse and while they're obviously great at what they do, they're just not what we are looking for.

    p2y - thanks for mentioning the isp whitelisting. another headache but it'll be worth it.

    radhika - the dedicated server and our own software is what we'll be going with. it's not too expensive and by going that route from the beginning, it'll save us from having to start small and upgrade or find new providers in mid stream as our lists grow.

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