List Building Question: Buyers List As An Affiliate?

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Hey buddies,

I'm in the process of creating my first paid product to help my subscribers make sense of the email marketing world. But this product is probably a month out at this point.

What I'm wondering is:

Can I begin filtering subscribers into a buyers list whenever they purchase another marketer's WSO that I happen to be promoting? I really love the product and am using it myself, so it's a sincere recommendation... and the product I will be promoting exclusively in my autoresponder sequence until a sale is made.

But I don't want to keep hammering folks with the same product offer after they've already purchased it.


Anyone know how to go about setting something like this up?

I appreciate the assistance. Happy Easter!

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    Hey Lee,

    A good way to go about this while making you seem like a rock star is to offer a bonus for those who buy the WSO. Frame it as... "This WSO kicks ass, especially when you pair it with this X thing. When you buy the WSO through my link, I'll give you this bonus for free." Then put them on your buyer list.

    There are a few ways you can go about validating their purchase.

    Hope that helps!
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      You could ask the vendor to add your sales tracking code to the products download page, if you've made sales for the them in the past they will probably do it for you.

      The other method would be to track sales from the payment processor but this means you'll only get half the buyers onto your list. It also depends on the affiliate payments settings (flip/flop, cut or direct from vendor).

      The final option as mentioned above is with a bonus. Just ask people to buy through your link and then email you with their receipt details to claim their bonus. You can then direct them to your bonus page with a required email optin for access.

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