Marketing to Moms? Digital Mom Report from Guy Kawasaki

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Hi Warriors,

I found this article on Guy Kawasaki's blog that might be helpful if your prospective customers include moms.

How to Change the World: Marketing to Moms? Read the Digital Mom Report

"Here is a quick summary to entice you to read the whole thing. Anyone who is trying to market products or services for moms should read this excellent report".
  1. "Social media and text messaging, instant messaging, and gaming, now used by the majority of digital moms, are no longer niche activities."
  2. "At the same time, moms with children 12 or older are more likely than moms of children under 12 to use gaming and video. Marketers have an opportunity to respond to these trends by acknowledging that a 'one-size-fits-all' strategy against moms may not work."
  3. "Marketers should recognize the dual purposes (communicating with peers and monitoring their kids) moms of older children have for engaging with emerging technologies, particularly social channels. They should learn more about the challenges moms face when embracing technology, and provide them with better resources and information to help them guide their children."
  4. "Marketers have an opportunity to utilize communications channels like social networking, text messaging and gaming to facilitate conversation among moms and influence decision making."
  5. "Marketers should consider marketing to mom as both an interconnected woman and a mom, as her interests extend beyond parenting."
  6. "Among digital moms, the gap is closing between TV and other channels in creating initial awareness about products. Marketers should consider the penetration level and relative influence of each channel when determining how, when, and where to reach digital moms along the purchase funnel."

Read more: "How to Change the World" - How to Change the World
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    Thinking about it, when you market to mum you are actually doing something every cold calling salesman is trying to do - talking to the decision maker. The mum is usually the core of influence.

    Thanks very much, another gem of a thread that doesn't get the attention it deserves.

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      Originally Posted by Martin Luxton View Post

      Thanks very much, another gem of a thread that doesn't get the attention it deserves.
      It got my attention... I hope others follow... usually these gems are reserved for the War Room only.

      Thanks for sharing this wise info Takuya.



      Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Hi Martin,

    I have always enjoyed Takuya's thread..if we look
    at the past threads which he has posted, we can learnt
    alot of things... =)

    Thanks Takuya! =)

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    Hmmmm...what is a "digital mom"? Make sure you define that for yourself before deciding this report is about "moms" in general - which IS a multi-billion market for that taking.

    At first, I read:
    "Social media and text messaging, instant messaging, and gaming, now used by the majority of digital moms, are no longer niche activities." them saying that the majority of moms do this, which would be untrue.

    The definition in the report is:


    2. Digital Moms, as defined by the Razorfish survey, are Internet moms aged 18-64 who have reported using at least two Web 2.0 technologies in the last three months, and have researched, sought advice or purchased online in one of twelve categories in the last three months. See Methodology, page 06 for more details.

    --- END DEFINITION ---

    But moms are a huge market (my goodness - moms do most of the buying and make a majority of the buying decisions/research for the family), that I do not deny.

    I do think it's a shame that a lot of the people interested in that report (i.e. women/moms who market to their peers) wouldn't have the patience to wade through that slow-moving report. At least Guy knew to encourage people to grab the PDF (although it's a humongous file at nearly 35 MB and only 36 pages)...much more efficient. :-)

    So sure...listen in, but realize you're only seeing a small slice here. It's much bigger than this.

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    An excellent summary.

    If niche marketers were to use that as a template, they
    may discover their prospects real hot buttons. That level
    of detail is often missing from the usual market research
    and then people wonder why they aren't getting sales.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    This is awesome. The power of the mom who makes the decisions on what to purchase for her kids. At the end of the day women have been known to be the best in bargaining. I like this will definitely practice most of the principles.
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