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Anyone here in the shooting/guns niche?

I'm asking as my old man enjoys his target shooting and occasional hunting and he seems pretty good at it (the target shooting bit).

I've discovered this evening that he's made a number of videos about his rifles, gun safety, scopes etc etc and thinking I might be able to do something with his content.

I've taken a quick look at the "shooting" keyword and Google is telling me competition is pretty low. I'll start looking for other long tail keywords and see what I can find.

So can anyone tell me first hand what the niche is like?
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    A friend of mine made an ebook guide on getting a CCW license in each state and the laws and best practices for owning and using a gun.

    Never heard back from him how that went. You're right, the competition is real low for stuff like that, but from what I understand, conversions are not so great either.

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      I would suggest to visit forums in this niche. You can find lots of gems there such as topics, keywords and problems what people in this niche are looking for. Hope it helps
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    Stay out of my niches! :p

    Yeah, it's a great niche if you have the right USP
    and good content... I specialize in the funny stuff, myself.

    Gun lovers spend a lot of money on their toys,
    and things that are even remotely connected to them.

    It is very competitive, but in fact you can make
    very decent money with less traffic. A forum or
    any other kind of membership site is great for
    this niche, and Youtube is useful for both
    traffic to your site and a little from ads.

    Welcome to the niche.

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