Solo-ads for the weight loss niche?

by PublicEnemy 12 replies
I've been looking hard for anyone offering solo ads to a weight loss list. Everywhere I look, it is just IM lists.

Is there some super secret place that I'm unaware of?

I was thinking of just being more proactive and emailing website owners who have squeeze pages set up on google, to see if they would be interested. Good idea?
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    Great idea mate.

    Go for it....

    In a course I took that was exactly one of the 'outside the box' ways of contacting potential list owners outside the IM niche.

    Set up a simple sales funnel:
    Squeeze page (free offer ) -> oto -> upsell

    Allow the dude with the list to receive a percentage of the 2 paid products, or if you are just interested in building a list offer him/her a full 100% commision on the oto.

    Your offer will be a no-brainer for the list owner then = win-win

    Hope that helps,

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    i answered this a few weeks ago, you can get my detailed break down here

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      Thanks for the replies guys.

      So just a few questions on the method you guys suggested.

      How exactly does that method work. Is this it?

      The guy markets the product to his list, sending traffic to a sales page I create (or does he create his own)?

      Then I ship him 100% of the sales revenue.

      But how do I get them on my list? They'll have to click on my aweber confirm link to complete the sale or something?

      Thanks for your time.

      Edit: Just realised you guys suggested 2 slightly different methods.
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    You can try contacting the owners of blogs in the weight loss niche.

    99% of them will have lists and be happy to promote your product in the commission percentage is right


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      Niche ezines are widely used and are especially effective for solo ads. You can perhaps find them using search engines, but what I use quite extensively for targeting all my niches is the Directory of Ezines ( In addition, is an excellent source of highly targeted lead lists.
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    keep it simple stupid

    tell the site owners that you would like to send them a copy of your product for free and if they like it there welcome to send it to there customers and you will give them 100% on say a $27 commission

    on the back end you promote a downsell product of say $17

    so not only will they be building your buyers list for you for free but you will still make some money from the back end

    thats it dont over complicate things

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    Thanks for the info..I've been looking for more on solo ads for this niche as well.
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    I do fat loss solo ads. Not so much health, but more fitness/weight loss niche. Do PM me if you wish to have a solo ad with me. Cheers
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    Hello ,

    i'm searching for weight loss solo ads. But for the countries Belgium/Netherland . Has somebody a list for dutch spoken members ? I offer a free weight loss rapport.
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    Hi Public Enemy,

    How many clicks are you looking for my friend.. I have a very buyer responsive list.
    PM Me
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  • Thank You all. I have been looking for a place to advertise my solo ads in this niche
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      Originally Posted by Traffic Strategiest View Post

      Thank You all. I have been looking for a place to advertise my solo ads in this niche

      I'm looking for a list owner that can send quality traffic to my weight loss site. can i know the size of your list?

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