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From the question you'll realise I'm a new boy (although haven't been called boy in many years).

I've got a moneysite 'North London Plumbing'

I set up (to start) a squidoo, weebly and hubpage.


1. Do i call myself 'North London Plumbing' on all 3 sites - will this leave a footprint?

2. Article length should my articles be at minimum 3,4, 500 words - I've heard many different answers?

3. I couple of weeks down the line I have a website and 3 web 2.0's and shall we say, 3 articles on each, do I link directly from these sites to my site?

Apologies if this type of stuff has been asked before but I really have been searching a couple of hours now, with no clear answers findable.

Thanks in advance Jason.
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    1. You can make a personal blog and just call yourself Bob or anything you want
    2. Article lengt doesnt matter as long it is unique / spun
    3. You can create a linky Pyramid where you have layers of websites
    so you start with the 3 sites you have pointing to your money site and then you have 6 sites where always 2 are pointing to your web 2.0 sites
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    I have used the same name on numerous sites over the years and have had no problem with search engines etc.

    Article lengths - usually the site you are submitting to will give recommendation but I always say 500 words is a good average and acceptable by search engines.

    Just point your web 2's and articles at various pages of your sites (deep linking). Keep them niche related to each page. Create links to these pages so that they gain high authority in turn making the links pointing to your site pages stronger.

    Google likes to see a site continually grow in content over time. Creating a Blog as part of your site will answer this requirement. Possible Wordpress hosting in same space as your website. And link back to website pages from blog posts - more good links.
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    These days senuke x software added 100 web 2.0 properties..
    You can use that senuke x.
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