What is you success story and most importantly...are you happy with where you are at now?

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What is you success story (if your willing to share) and most importantly...are you happy with where you are at now?

Short and sweet question..:confused::rolleyes:
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    I wish I had the book handy, but I don't so please accept my apologies...

    One of my favourite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche, once wrote something along the lines of..

    Each time we reach a goal, we by necessity must strive towards another.

    ... and I think that about sums it up. Have I had success? Yep. Will I ever really be content with where I am? Nope. I'll always be looking to achieve more... haha..

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    Originally Posted by QuirkieGifts View Post

    What is you success story (if your willing to share) and most importantly...are you happy with where you are at now?

    Short and sweet question..:confused::rolleyes:
    I started my chocolate business on a kitchen table. That was two years ago. It now has its own factory and is becoming known all across Western Canada.

    Am I happy with where I am at now? NO. I will not be happy until I am doing a few million in sales per year. No doubt at that point I will want 10 Million in sales.
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    I started into ecommerce in 2003 but didn't have any real success until I learned SEO in 2005. I went on to sell my first successful ecommerce store for $173k on Flippa. I then teamed up with my younger brothers and built an ecommerce empire of dozens and dozens of successful ecommerce stores. Most of which were eventually sold off as well (mainly because we get bored with them). For the past few years we've been running a handful of ecommerce stores, but have mainly been focusing on ecommerce training courses and mentoring others on the process. It's a blast! I absolutely love coaching people & seeing people have success!!
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      I've had success in different aspects of direct response marketing..online and offline. Ebay has been the main money maker for me..since 2005 up to march 2012...I've been buying mostly from ebay this month.

      One of my stories is a bit ironic. I've been into direct response marketing since the 90's (am I giving out my age here). I started on the internet with clickbank. I made a religious audio product and put it on clickbank and made some consistent sales. I wanted to make more, but just couldn't crack the code.

      My wife was visiting her sister in another state. One day my wife calls me and tells me that her sister is making a little over $1,000 per month from selling on ebay. I was excited and mad at the same time.

      Excited because I was happy for her....mad because my sister-in-law had zero experience and knowledge of marketing, yet she was getting paid.

      My wife sent me the ebay account details for her sister and I saw that she basically was selling to a hungry market.

      I interviewed my sister-in-law over the phone, had her answer some questions, and I dug into how ebay works and what I could market on the site.

      Well, the next year my wife went to visit her sister, I had an $800 day, a $300 day, and some $100 days..all net profit from ebay.

      I called my wife and told her the good news and her sister-in-law was now asking me questions.

      It was crazy how that happened, but in a nut shell, that's how I got started with ebay and making up to $1,200 in 24 hours from the net.

      eric w
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    I started my entrepreneurialship at the age of 8 or 9 when I had my first lemonade stand (really that was my first venture). My Mom was my banker. I took one third of the money each day to spend as I wanted and Mom saved the rest for my next venture.

    Leaving out all the many details, I started and failed or did mediocre at many, many other businesses while in grade school, high school, and even while in my first job. I made some extra money some times and lost everything other times but never gave up.

    I always earned my own money to do this. Never borrowed.

    Started a businesses that really took off at one location. I never intended to franchise but people asked me to do it so I did the legal stuff and licensed it to start. Built locations I owned & some that were licensed from coast to coast. Had an offer from a rich guy for him to buy the whole thing and sold it all. Bought and sold some real estate while all that was going on and invested elsewhere and then sold all that too. Retired. Sort of.

    Started doing IM to help others and show them how to make money from home and liked it so am now doing this. Finally started making some money after getting some great advice on this forum and have built it up from there.

    I was happy at each stage of the process and never felt like a failure even though I failed many times more than I succeeded. However, when I did succeed, it was really big and made up for all the others.

    I am happy where I am as I happily work toward my next goal that I've set for myself.

    I've always operated that way.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    I started building my first website in college...In fact, I distinctly remember skipping out on all of the freshman orientation activities to lurk around here on WF, and to do some background research on an affiliate training membership site called Wealthy Affiliate (which is still around and doing well).

    By the end of the first semester I had started making a bit of consistent money from ClickBank through my website. So, I dropped out and lived at home for another would-be semester while I kept doing more of what worked. By the end of the would-be school year I could move out on my own.

    That was '09-'10.

    After awhile I got tired of building and promoting websites...I could tell my heart wasn't in it when my earnings started to plateau and my interest in shiny objects suddenly sky rocketed. So, I finally took a break from building websites at the end '11 and started Content Knights (my writing service).

    I now enjoy writing for a few clients who are happy to pay me (repeatedly) a very fair wage for the quality of work I deliver. I'm actually just now getting back into regular bumping in W4H; for several months I was perfectly fine with the amount of referral and repeat work I was getting. I'm content sitting on enough residual income to pay the bills, and enough clients/referrals to keep me busy while I prepare to take the next step in my online business.

    Satisfied? Yes.

    Done? No.

    Going? Forward.
    Need an awesome ghostwriter to fill in for you?

    Check out StephenWaldo.com
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    Short, sweet, and simple:

    When I find something I want, I succeed at it. I work very hard with a lot of dedication and a certain amount of genius as well. <grin>

    When I was 18, I went to work for Revco DS, Inc. They were bought by CVS Pharmacy a year later, and I worked my way up from part time cashier to store manager by the age of 21. Each time I just asked my boss for a promotion, and my work history justified my inquiry so I would get it.

    After a while, I lost focus and drifted for a bit until I landed at Radio Shack in 2002. I excelled there, learned about cellular phones, and become the best-selling assistant manager in the SE US for the company. (The store that I was in was ranked #20 out of 7000+ stores nationwide at the time.) Through an illness in the family (my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer...he's a 10 year survivor now!!) I left The Shack and went to work down the hall at a wireless accessories kiosk in the mall.

    I interviewed for the job 3 weeks after I got it (a friend of mine was managing the kiosk and hired me on the spot) with the owner. The owner asked about my plans for the future and I told him I didn't want to work for him; I wanted to be him. He looked at me and laughed and walked off. 2 1/2 months later I was managing three locations in two cities and setting sales records for the company. 16 months after that he loaned me the money to open my own kiosk and I did that until the economy tanked in 2009.

    Now I'm in college, finishing off an IT degree that looked empty on my resume, and I'm reloading for my next big venture. I'm really enjoying my time in IM, and I'm actually hoping that this will be what carries me through the next portion of my life.

    -- j

    Posting About Life & Video Games:

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    Yeah i'm happy. I got my girl, my health, my business, and it's lovely. But of course... like any millionaire will claim also... i could always use a extra bit of more income coming in.
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