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I'm planning a training program to teach people how I've made a living as a business consultant for the past 13+ years.

Even though I have an engaged list of people who listen to my podcast, I've only once talked about how I do what I do. It was one of my most popular episodes.

I don't think there are many people on my list who want to make a living as a business consultant since they come to my show for infoproduct and content marketing knowledge.

This means I need to reach out to affiliates to make this training program a success.

With the preamble out of the way, I want to know if there are any special considerations for tracking affiliate sales when prospects sign up for a free webinar and then buy from the sales page after the webinar.

Do you have any experience selling with webinars to affiliate traffic? If so, what affiliate tracking software were you using?

Also of note, I'm thinking of making the initial training program live so I don't believe I can use Clickbank until I have the recorded version available for download.


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    I'm interested in hearing an answer on this as well.

    I'm charging people to attend my webinars and I'm looking for a way to track affiliate sales.

    Is there any web conferencing software that will let me place a tracking pixel in the payment confirmation page?

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    Ok, there is a relatively easy answer IF you want to use automated webinars. In that case, you can use a system such as Evergreen Business System or Stealth Seminar, which both allow you to provide affiliate links, so the link plants a cookie and essentially works with whatever affiliate system you're already using on the product sale.

    If you want to do a live webinar, I'm not sure how to do it, although Evergreen Biz Systems did tell me that they will soon support actual live webinars.

    To me, automating your webinar is a great way to automate your business, so look into it.

    A couple of links to help you out:

    1) The automated webinar tutorial you've always wanted

    2) Evergreen Business System vs. Stealth Seminar (comparison)
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