My Videos Keep stopping does anyone know why?

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"Also, you may want to check this, but the video at the top of your page: 6figure.html
Only plays for 3:10 and then stops. Your other videos seem to play just fine."

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? I have the videos hosted at hostgator and using a flash player.

Any help?

#stopping #videos
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      Wow, that's weird!

      Just a few questions that may (or may not) help unravel the mystery:-
      • Does it play okay locally?
      • What's the file size?
      • Have you tried uploading it to any other site / page / server? If so, what happened? If not, could you try that and let us know the outcome?

      Sorry for the questions, but it may help us to get some clues.

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