Just can't get traffic...

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Hi all,

I'm kinda stuck. I have a few sites monetized with Google Adsense, but it seems to be a numbers game. I have around 80 unique visits a day using the following methods:

- Article writing/submission
- Yahoo answers
- Forum links
- Facebook pages/Twitter accounts
- Social Bookmarking

Conversion is around 3%

I seem to have reached a maximum because the traffic numbers have not increased over the months, even thought I continue with all of the listed techniques. I'm only making about $40 across three sites per month, but I'm putting in all the hours.

Any advice on increasing traffic?


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    Add more diversified content and try to target different keyword phrases.

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    The other thing that could be a factor is the niche. Obviously some niches are just going to get a lot more traffic than others.
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    Cross promotions .. more long tails .... capture the traffic you are getting ... invest in solo ads and media buys.

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    also try to upload some videos on yourtube, i did the same and it did help me a lot.
    try, try and try and please never give up.
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    Originally Posted by jodiesmitham View Post

    Conversion is around 3%
    Do you mean the Adsense CTR?

    Anyways, my advice is to just stick with it. Be patient, stay consistent, keep building sites. Those numbers are only going to snowball.

    It took me about three months with AdSense to get to the level that you're at right now. Focus on developing a system that you can follow for each and every website that you create, and then just start doing it. The promotion methods you've outlined are all very solid; I wouldn't add anything new, but master the methods you're using now.

    If you DO add something, I think video marketing is probably a safe bet, but again, my personal recommendation is to keep doing what you're doing.

    Remember, Google does NOT like new websites… My prediction is that here in a month or two you're going to hit that "trust threshold" with several sites at once and suddenly find yourself earning a much more respectable revenue.

    Seriously, I cannot emphasize how much patience plays a role in Adsense.

    You'll get there - Don't give up!
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      I'd try and syndicate/guest blog on British blogs about babies/pregnancy/new mothers/beauty and such.

      For the site in your sig.
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    perhaps the search volume of your targeted keywords is pretty low?
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    BUILD A LIST MAN...sorry for the all caps, but you seem to be letting your traffic waste away after all the hard work. Build a list and you'll have an endless stream of traffic.

    Also look into social media for viral traffic. You can try this little trick
    This is the simple trick that I used to send a quick burst of traffic to my new squeeze pages. To discover my full 200 subscribers/day listbuilding traffic sources report you can check the link in my signature

    Now this strategy involves an organized forum marketing model, and for this to be highly effective, you must be committed to putting in at least 60 minutes every day into this. It doesn't get harder than this.

    Here are the steps to follow
    1. Register on 3 top forums in your niche, and make a good number of posts on each. Do this until you are allowed signature links.

    2. Everyday sign into each forum and contribute at least 5 good posts.

    3. Use your signature to give away something valuable. This must be something that would appeal to most of the forum members. Link them to your squeeze page.

    4. Ask your visitors to share your page on their facebook wall before getting access to your freebie. Do not use twitter for this. Once this is done, they’ll then be redirected to your download page. You can use the cloudflood.com for this. Its very easy to set up and it's free.

    This way, you will build your list fast and for free and generate a viral traffic storm to your squeeze pages


    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    Work less and profit more. Add more traffic methods to your agenda, and seek out more effective ways to get traffic to your site. Consider Scribd, Youtube, and blogging.
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