What constitutes a 'good' article?

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Obviously there are things like

- Heading
- Easy to read
- Call to action at the end.

Anyone else got some good tips?
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    I think that a good article must be able to connect with the reader's emotions. To me, this is what ultimately determines the effectiveness of the article.

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    I think the style of writing is what makes a good article.

    For example some of the articles I write are stories.
    Some articles are fact articles with bullet points.

    I think what really makes a great article, is how you can interweave your content leading up to the bio.

    There is an art and science to writing articles. If you want to get traffic to your site's, or affiliate links, then you need to concentrate on getting your readers to click on your bio link.

    There has to be a balance though, instead of saying click here click here, or my name is so and so please visit my site for more information, you have to get crafty.

    Frank Bruno
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      Depends on what you are trying to do

      1. Promoting affiliate products: Focus should be on info+keywords
      2. For your own blog: Very high quality content is a must
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        I can't define it,

        but I know it when I see it.
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          A good article is one that gets traffic. But if you're going to get traffic to your articles and have them as potent link bait where people link to them, they of course have to be full of quality information.

          In my opinion, this is what makes up a 'perfect' article:

          1. Keywords

          A good sprinkling of keywords throughout your article will do your chances no harm. Do note however that keyword density is not as huge a factor as it was before anymore. So include them 2 or 3 times (once in the title) and that should do you just fine.

          2. Compelling Title

          Learn copywriting if you want to write quality titles. I mean it. Learn how to combine 'power words' (yes, those 'hype' words, or attention-grabbing words, depending on which way you look at it) with powerful benefits and you'll have winning titles every time.

          3. Latent Semantic Indexing

          This is something that I find rarely discussed in article marketing circles. But this is so vital to search engine optimization these days, and articles depend a lot on proper SEO to get traffic. Find 5-10 LSI keywords that are related to your root keyword and plug them into your article naturally. Use Google's Keyword Suggestion tools to churn out these related/alternative keywords. You're getting the answer from the horse's mouth: Google! The major search engine that gets the most traffic. Their Keyword Suggestion Tool essentially gives you the LSI keywords on a platter.

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            Here is another really good tip for writing articles....

            A lot of people who first get started in writing articles, tend to fall back on the traditional methods.

            Example: introduction, body, conclusion

            When you're writing articles for Internet marketing, you have to change that up a bit.

            I never really realized this until recently I started getting 50% CTRs on my article bios.

            Never have a conclusion in your article, you want to leave the reader hanging, you want them to click your bio link to get answers.

            The purpose of the article isn't to solve a problem, the article is a way to convey the issues.

            Your bio is where you'll solve their problem.

            You start using this type of format you can rest assured that your click through rates will improve dramatically.

            Frank Bruno
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      Hi Frank,

      As you just mentioned, that sometimes you tell a story...well actually that's my main style. I try to be informative, but add that real personal touch and try to place myself in their shoes - I go the emotional route....that's my strength..

      HOWEVER, my weakness is , I just can't get mine under 6-700 words. My average around 8-1000 words. I really do believe that with the style I write, I can keep their attention, but I just can't break the story up into smaller segements/articles like other people have suggested.

      do you think if the article is really that attention-grabbing, that 1000 worders won't be too detrimental??

      I love your thoughts??
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