I have a budget of £1000 ($1500) for affiliate marketing

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Hey guys,

I'm a lurker on this forum, but have been an SEO for a few years. I had some affiliate sites in the past and made some money through them. With algorithm changes and lack of interest in the niche areas, I didn't really maintain them and got more involved with my SEO job.

Anyway, I have set aside £1000 possibly for a few wordpress sites.

- Pick interesting and lucrative niche areas.
- Set-up a few quality looking sites using Wordpress.
- Hire a writer to do 25 articles on each site
- Pick a few affiliate programs
- Do slow but steady linkbuilding and turnover a new article every week for each site

What do you guys think?

Should I spend it on 10 sites or should I focus on 2 sites only?

What should I concentrate on, lucrative but competitive markets or easy to conquer micro niche areas?

Am I being realistic, if I expect a return of £1000 a month in 6 months.

I'd appreciate some feedback on my plan.


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    I would recommend that you focus on one or two at a time.
    Once you get them done move on to the next ones.
    Now I usually get all my articles and off page SEO outsourced.

    Best of Luck.

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    Originally Posted by the chameleon View Post

    I'd appreciate some feedback on my plan.
    You seem not to have mentioned list-building.

    To put it very mildly indeed, it isn't easy to make affiliate sales without list-building.

    This post actually mentions ClickBank specifically (which may not be in your plans at all), but to some extent I think you can substitute the words "affiliate sales" for "ClickBank sales" in it: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post5210243
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    Same here, you should focus on hiring one or two good Virtual Assistants, who can do niche research and site building for you and outsource the writing separately.

    You can spend first 1-2 months for finding best VA's training them to build great sites and then just monitor them or spend your time at some better tasks like socila promoting, linkbuilding and so on..
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    The more focus you put into 1 project, the faster it'll be done and the faster you will see the money come in.

    Heres a pretty interesting article on the power of focus and pertains directly to your question.

    The Power of Focus
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    You should spend the money on a single website, most of them in good content and advertising. Choosing the right affiliate program, with life-time customers..you can build a nice monthly income really fast.

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