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I'll make this short and i've bought quite a few WSOs to support this community as it's given so much back.

I've noticed on quite of these WSO guides (reports, ebooks e.t.c.) that they are usually well written. The problem that i see is that many of them are missing page #'s or headers / footers.

With great word processor editors such as microsoft word or open office, it really makes it somewhat easy to add these elements to your how to or case study guide and give a more polished look. Not only that, but you have now made your guide even more functional and your buyers will be even more appreciative that you took the time.

I'll give you an idea, on a 100 page plus WSO, it was well written and easy to follow with nice table of contents e.t.c. with what pages you can find what topic, but they were no actual page #'s on the pages! Do you know how frustrating it is to see a topic on say page 36 in the table of contents and not actually have page #'s on the bottom of the page to refer to said topic?

This leaves the reader to thumb through and 'guess' where the topic resides by manually counting the pages e.t.c. In any case, yes it's not a huge deal but these are the small things that keep buyers coming back.

Another good point is that if you're going to make a video course, you should really take the time to get it transcribed as well for easy reference. This is huge. Many people prefer watching videos and referring to the written transcripts for tackling a specific issue. It's really hard to get into a 20 or 30 minute video and you just want to find one of the key points. Even if you have to bump the price of your video course, you'll have more of that 'thump' factor that results in overdelivering to buyers -so it's a win-win.

Taking the time to hone in on these little specifics can make a difference, so i just hope this may help someone.
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    I couldn't agree more. Now-a-days i see a lot of WSO's that appear to be put together extremely quickly and with very little care. A lot of people are trying to make a quick buck and this is not the way to build a business.

    Sure you might make a quick buck but it doesn't look good to your list and previous buyers when your products appear poor and you don't really have the consumers interest at heart. Anyone looking to brand themselves and really gain momentum should put some time and care in to their work. After all, everything you do REFLECTS YOU!
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    The page number issue is easily fixed by making the table of contents with hyperlinks that take you to the right page, which is more useful than the numbers themselves.

    But at least give someone credit for putting in a TOC at all. If they were really just after a quick buck why bother even including that? It sounds more like an oversight to not have the page numbers if that's what the TOC lists.

    It's really up to the product creator when it comes to something like video transcripts. Many videos wouldn't make much sense with just words on a page, which is probably why someone made a video rather than a book. Do instructional videos bought from a store come with transcripts?

    BTW, I have products that consist entirely of videos and haven't had a single person ask if transcripts were included or complain that they weren't, which tells me they don't care too much about them. I've even discussed this with someone who owns a transcription service, saw the videos, and agreed that it wouldn't make much sense to have them transcribed since without seeing what was on the screen, the narration alone wouldn't be that useful, so it was better to not have transcripts.

    I think transcripts are more expected with audio, where it's just about the words and makes sense when transcribed.
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    I have to agree with you on the reports. It doesn't take but a few minutes to add these finishing touches.

    I will say that I hate videos and generally will stay away from them. My time is valuable and I find with videos there is a lot of time wasted while the author blabs on about nonsense before getting to the main point. Not to mention how terrible the audio is most of the time.

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    I agree with all the above comments guys.

    I bought a WSO last week, it was just a short eBook, but no headers, footers or even a table of contents, which was infuriating.

    I also downloaded something from the War Room. This was a 100 page eBook, again, no page numbers or headers - I had to scroll through the whole thing to find the two pages that interested me.

    As for the videos, couldn't agree more. The last video WSO I bought had about 10 videos, each lasting 30 minutes. That's 300 minutes of video, where really it could have been done in 60 minutes.

    So another point to add to the OPs comments would be - if you are making a video, at least have some sort of script or direction - I don't want to hear and see you fumble around making mistakes, listening to constant "er" "umm", or even forgetting what you were going to show us next!
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    Ditto here

    If a seller can't be bothered to make an ebook look good and present in a professional manner it really shakes my confidance in the content before I even start.

    Isn't half the experience and fun just "unwrapping your shiny new toy?" If the first impressions are poor it will be a struggle to build/maintain credibility

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    Thanks for the tips. I have launched my first WSO and I am glad I read these tips beforehand
    Added a contents page for ease of use.
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    I agree with OP. I always refund big letter 46 font eBook right away and delete those eBooks at once. People actually do this to make the eBook look big, it's just a waste of digital paper in my eyes.
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    People are lazy. What can you do?

    These things can easily be outsourced. There are talented people you can hire for tasks like editing, proofreading, ebook design etc. here.
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    I ALWAYS forget about headers and footers- and since I'm about to come out with a WSO in the next few days, this is a good tip at a good time.
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    Thanks for the great tips. It is very useful for me. I will implement these tips on my upcoming WSO.
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    The other reason you want to include page numbers is so people can easily bookmark your products if they can't read the whole thing all at once.

    I don't agree that every video you create should be transcribed though. How to videos I think are the exception to the rule. There are some things you need to SHOW rather than TELL.
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    I agree completely

    Thank you

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    Does the OP know if there is a specific template in MS Word that creates a booklet and includes page numbers etc? I may have missed it , I have Word 2007.
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      Originally Posted by ShawnSells View Post

      Does the OP know if there is a specific template in MS Word that creates a booklet and includes page numbers etc? I may have missed it , I have Word 2007.
      Don't know of a template per say, but since you have Word '97, try the online Microsoft office templates for Word. Great resource there.

      Look up adding a table of contents and then adding page numbers in footer under the Word Help section. It's easier than you think. If you find this too technical, you could try odesk and have someone add the finishing touches of what you want to accomplish, fiverr is also a good outsourcing platform.
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