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by msm24
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I don't know why but it has taken me the last 3 or 4 years to really figure this out. I have not really made a consistant amount of money the whole entire time I have been doing IM but just this week I figured out what seems to be the easiest system to start making money with online.

Before I share my system with you though, I want to tell you how I came to find this system.

Over the past few years I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure the whole internet thing out. I learned SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, Youtube Marketing, Article Marketing, etc and the more I learned the harder things seemed to get. I have run into information overload multiple times and I started buying product after product without any results.

Then one day in this past December, my wife had to go to the hospital. For the next 20 days I was stranded at the hospital with my wife, who was having complications with her pregnancy. During that time I literally didn't work on my business at all. I didn't write one post on any of my blog sites or do any SEO work or any other traffic method that had been "working" for me.

Thankfully, my wife and unborn baby were both fine, but the whole ordeal made me start to think. During the time that we were in the hospital most of the sites that I had created (which wasn't many) stopped getting as much traffic as they had been getting. Then as I started to plan for my next site, Google changed its algorithms once again. SEO was now a guessing game.

That was when it hit me. I need to have a system that can make money independently of Google or any other internet giant out there.

I designed my strategy and realized that an internet business really only has one secret that we always need to be mindful of.


Earnings per Click.

The simplest business model I could think of was to create a quick lead capture page, send it traffic and then immediately funnel the leads to a paid offer. Once you have an EPC then you can go out and send as much traffic as you want.

The EPC is your brake even. If you send traffic that has a cost per click (CPC) that is equal to your EPC then you are getting free leads. If your CPC costs less than you can get on your EPC then you are making money.

So your business is to:

1. Find your EPC through testing with paid traffic
2. Send massive traffic through paid methods that cost less than your EPC.
3. Then you create websites and use SEO, Facebook, Youtube and more to drive more traffic to your funnel, effectively lowering your CPC.

That is about it.

Hopefully my wording didn't confuse anyone. This is probably the simplest way to get started online that I have found and it is systematic and you don't have to take months to start seeing results like with SEO.
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    Good stuff. Nice to know you figured this out. Simplicity is the key.

    I do similar stuff - funnel leads into an optin form, redirect to a paid offer, and drive more traffic.


    I am a Jack Duncan Fan!

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      I advise all of our affiliates to do the same. Affiliate Marketing is all about knowing you numbers, the more useful data you have the better.
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    Hi MSM24,

    Thanks for your valuable insights on the EPC.

    I do understand the most part of what you are saying but as a newbie, I may need you explain in more details on how to find your EPC through testing with paid traffic.

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      Originally Posted by Playwerks View Post

      I do understand the most part of what you are saying but as a newbie, I may need you explain in more details on how to find your EPC through testing with paid traffic.
      No problem. All you need to do is pay for a cheep ad, like a solo ad or something. Then after your solo ad has run, check your stats. See how many opt ins you got, how many people came to your site, or clicks you got (which you can track pretty easily with something like or, and then see how much money you have made. I suggest that you send a good amount of traffic first, say like 1000 visitors, because that will help you make sure that your conversion rate is not a fluke number coming from only having 200 visitors or something like that.

      Once you have done those things it is just simple math to find your EPC.

      Money earned / Clicks = EPC

      Here is an example.

      You buy a solo ad that guarantees at least 1000 clicks to your squeeze page. After running the solo ad you check your stats and see that you got 1032 clicks from the solo ad. You got 90 subscribers and made about $400 dollars.

      This example makes your EPC look like this:

      400 / 1032 = $0.39

      That means that you can break even as long as you only pay a maximum of $0.39 per click. If you can find a different traffic source that costs you only $0.30 cents per click or $0.30 then you are making a profit on all you your traffic. That means that as long as you use that traffic source and none of your stats change you will make money without doing anything but paying for ads.

      That example may not sound like you would be making much money buy if you send 1000 clicks per day then you would be making $90 dollars a day if all things remain the same.

      Once you start doing that you are in the money. Now it would be good for you to start building blogs and doing SEO and all of the other traffic sources that you can find when you see a product launch.

      This helps you build your foundation in a way that gives you a repeatable result. Plus, one thing that I didn't really go into is that you are getting 90 subscribers every time you send 1000 clicks. If you ran a system like this for exactly one month you would have a list of around 2700. You don't have to pay to send that traffic to an offer so it is now free traffic. If you send them to an offer that has an EPC of $0.39 then you would make $1053 without paying for the traffic.

      This is just an example obviously but this really works. If you are new to internet marketing then I would suggest that you focus on finding your EPC before you learn anything else. I spent 4 years learning anything I could to make money online and then I just figured this out.

      Crazy, huh?
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        Originally Posted by msm24 View Post

        This is just an example obviously but this really works. If you are new to internet marketing then I would suggest that you focus on finding your EPC before you learn anything else. I spent 4 years learning anything I could to make money online and then I just figured this out.

        Crazy, huh?
        Great post this one. You've really explained it well and I can vouch that if you can really understand the stats and what to expect, you'll be finding it much easier to see in the distance for your campaigns

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    Anybody investing in paid traffic always has EPC in consideration. It's a good idea to test your projects with paid traffic, rather than sweat for months for free traffic, only to find out it's just not worth it.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    Good to hear your success. It all boils down to one simple principle. If you spend less than you bring in (in your case CPC < EPC) you have a successful formula for making money. Same principle with a brick and mortar business also.
    Where in NC are you from?
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      I live in Elizabeth City. What about you?
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    i dont understand it the affiliate marketing and epc im afraid :-/
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    Thanks for sharing

    Thank you

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    Well explained method! Yes it works! Plus you are building up a list of prospects you can't go wrong. Just make sure your EPC is more than you CPC and you have a complete business model.
    Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your wife and child are both ok.
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    Keep in mind that your EPC will vary A LOT with different traffic sources. @MSM24 did a great explanation of why you need to know your EPC, but it's not a consistent number for each click to your website from any source. In PPC, it's clicks for a particular keyword, not for a generic click.

    You probably explained it somewhere, but I missed it, and find it very important for newbies to know =)

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    Thank you Mike to sharing this great experience with us. This is really helpful information for earning from website.

    Thank you again.
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    Thanks Mike, there is some great information here. I'm sure it will help out a lot of people new to the field, and those who have not had much success till now. I guess the key principle is keeping things simple. Most people end up over-complicating things that could be done quite easily. Great post!

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    Yep, working with the right numbers help. Up until now, the numbers I've been using is all about searches and SEO competition. They really don't matter if you can't get traffic to convert.

    I also read a post earlier about paid traffic, being the best place to start. Which I do agree with, as you're more responsible when you're spending to test than when you're trying to control everything for free.

    Paid traffic, more control, more ability to test, refine and improve.

    It's how I'll be going when and "IF" I do get back into the affiliate marketing arena.
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      Thanks for sharing, great simple way to make money !

      but I personally prefer to test and use free traffic's not so difficult to build a free massive traffic system !
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        Great to hear this is working out for you. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone. It really is a great informational post.
        My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    Glad you're finally making the money that you're looking for in your business. Be sure to keep at it!
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    One of the most important things you mentioned here was that SEO doesn't always work. In fact every method at any time could fall through and if that is your only source of traffic, then you go from making maybe a lot to nothing in the snap of a finger. If anyone takes anything from this the most important thing would be to use multiple sources of traffic.

    Bored? Need a laugh? Find us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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    Great Thanks For sharing I want to hear more from you..keep it up!
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    Thank you for sharing. I am new to this forum, but having a grand time learning.

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    Thanks for sharing, this sound promising.
    Best Free Blueprint for Internet Marketers!
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