HELP! Most convenient advertising method?

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Do you think is possible to sell one $40 product with only $10 spent advertising it?

Which one do you think would be the best advertising method to make this happen? Big advertising networks like Facebook, Adwords, etc. or paid banners on websites from the same niche?
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    Depends on what the product is and how fast you are looking for a return.

    $10 could buy you a good keyword rich domain name that you could rank for , it would take a while though.

    $10 is not a verry big budget for PPC its possible to make several sales from a $10 but more than likely not on your first go around, you will have to spend a lot more testing and tweaking your ads , landing pages and everything else before you get to that.

    You can try banner advertising but $10 isn't going to get you a lot, and unless your sales page is converting extremely high chances are you are going to need more than $10
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    It could if you used that $5 to buy you an adwords voucher worth $100 and then ran a campaign. Unless you are extremely lucky, $10 is just to small of a budget to work with.
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    The advertising budget can be $100, $1000...or any other amount. Reported to that the sales should be 10, 100...keeping the same report of $10/1 sale. From what you are saying I understand is hard to make this happen with a PPC least in the beginning when you try to find the best converting ad...
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    The difficult truth is that $10 isn't really enough to see much of a difference. Your best best would be to buy a great keyword domain and work on that, but as BTB said this will take time and effort on your part.
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    So you are saying if your profit is 10$ or less it doesn't worth advertising it? What if I have an ebook costing 10$ and want to advertise it through PPC?
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