One domain per niche or sub-niche?

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If i am targeting the dog training niche for example, it is better to have the domain based around "dogtraining" and on that site include other methods of dog training OR have a domain name for every sub-niche?

Also what tools do you use for niche research? Thanks
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    I suppose it all depends on personal preference. I can see the advantages in creating lots of different mini sites but if you are going to do this you need to find a way to automate as much as possible so definatly look into auto promotion scripts.
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    It would all depend on your goal as well as the keyword research that you do. If you want to build a large authority site then yes just get one domain.

    In fact if you are asking this question my advise would be to only use one domain. This will allow you to focus all your efforts in one place.

    Don't get spread to thin always try to focus your efforts on one thing until you get it where you want it. Then you can go to your next project.

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    One domain. It's easier to manage and a LOT cheaper.

    Plus, EMD's are veeeery overrated IMO. (EMD's are the main reason people register more than one domain.)

    Here's an example structure:

    etc. Not the best examples, but you get the point. You're building "mini" authority sites if you add a number of different articles.
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    I personally would target the keyword dogtraining and then have my website expand out into smaller niches. I generally like to use wordpress blogs, as you can post different posts and various category's and create a nice authority website.
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    It all depends on the product line.. In your case I would recommend going after 'dog training' on the homepage and get a domain name that relates to dog training (preferably one that contains the #1 targeted keyword phrase). Then go after the micro-niche keyword phrases on the category pages.
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    I advise :

    dogtraining/url rewriting for others cat.
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